The Luxury Report celebrate Mother’s Day with incredible gift guide



The Luxury Report have released their Mother’s Day gift guide, detailing a selection of products and services to help those looking for the right way to show their affection.


There is a case to be made that no one has worked as hard as mothers this past year! From home-schooling to fractured and unpredictable work schedules, the global pandemic has put a strain on those and the celebratory day can be seen as opportunity to celebrate mothers everywhere. Everything featured in the guide is sure to help mothers to put their feet up and have some much deserved relaxation.


The list features beautiful food and drink, such as the wonderful, non-alcoholic spirits from FLUÈRE and the mouthwatering mixed truffle chocolates from Montezuma’s. It also includes revitalising beauty treatments and sparkling jewellery from some of the finest purveyors that can be found. 


The list can be viewed here.



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