Luxury car-sharing rental platform RYDE acquires BookAclassic



With a large and varied collection of cars, buses, trucks, and motorbikes in the UK alone, BookAclassic boasts a portfolio of more than 20,000 vehicles available in 36 countries, and offers the most extensive online collection of classic and vintage vehicles for private and corporate events, film productions, commercials, fairs, and museums. 


BookAclassic is the brainchild of an innovative Danish entrepreneur and passionate car enthusiast, and is the market leader in the UK and Denmark in its field, and among the top three of market leaders in fifteen other jurisdictions. 


The news of this latest merger follows RYDE’s announcement of its acquisition of Vinty, the largest and fastest-growing classic and vintage car sharing platform in the US, at the tail end of 2019. 


Speaking of the BookAclassic acquisition, CEO of RYDE, Pierre Lapointe, said: “We are thrilled to welcome BookAclassic to our car sharing marketplace. BookAclassic makes classic cars available to people in 36 countries around the world in 20 languages and we are excited to expand our market-leading platform.


RYDE is revolutionising the car sharing industry, connecting a vibrant community of hosts and guests to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”  


“BookAclassic was inspired by the character and craftsmanship of vintage vehicles, and it’s this passion for raising awareness of classic vehicles with soul, class, and charisma that makes it the perfect addition to the RYDE portfolio.” 


The acquisition serves to consolidate yet another leading-edge P2P booking platform, with a mutual emphasis on offering world class customer services.