Louis Law Group Opens a New Office in Jacksonville to Help Clients Receive Complete Compensation for Property Damage Claims



Louis Law Group, which has a stacked roster of attorneys with decades of experience, is pleased to be opening its newest Florida office in Jacksonville. With a terrific track record and great client service, Louis Law Group’s attorneys are essentially. 


About Louis Law Group


Louis Law Group helps clients with personal injury and personal property damage claims. Its attorneys aren’t afraid to take on insurance companies to win the compensation their clients deserve. The firm handles claims for fire damage, water damage, hurricane damage, roof damage, and hail damage. Whatever the issue, clients can be confident that Louis Law Group attorneys can help.


While the claim submission process should be relatively straightforward, insurance companies can be stubborn. They may delay claim payments or reject claims outright by saying that the damages in the claim are not covered by the client’s policy, or that the claim lacks supporting evidence. Sometimes, clients are unaware that they are eligible for compensation.


Louis Law Group attorneys can help clients with any or all aspects of their property damage claims. They can help clients gather evidence and submit the paperwork to their insurers. They can help clients negotiate potential settlements with their insurers, and even initiate litigation if the settlement offers are unacceptably low. No matter the client’s specific needs or objectives, Louis Law Group attorneys can get the job done. 


Senior managing attorney Pierre A. Louis says Louis Law Group is laser-focused on creating the greatest possible value for its clients. “Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional,” he says. “We’re ready to work with our Jacksonville clients to help them get the compensation they deserve.”


50 N Laura Street, Suite 2500

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Telephone: (904) 496-0600