Long-Sharp Gallery Brings Important Fresh-to-the-Market Works to Masterpiece London 2017

Guests of Masterpiece London will find approximately three dozen drawings by Andy Warhol from the 1950s that have never been shown in public. These works, some created with ink, graphite, and/or tempera, were once a part of the late artist’s estate.The subject of the works varies greatly, from portraiture, to architecture, to angels and cherubs, and beyond. Mid-century works by Edvard Munch and Jean Cocteau, also on paper, will be exhibited as well.

Moving into art from the 21st Century, Long-Sharp Gallery will feature unique, one-of-a-kind screenprints by American Pop Artist Robert Indiana. Similar works by this artist, calling for hope and love, have been a mainstay of the gallery’s stand at Masterpiece London since 2012. Like many of the works by Andy Warhol, a fresh to the market pair of unique “Star of Hope” works and a pair of unique “ART” works will be unveiled at Masterpiece London 2017. The exhibit is rounded out by a vibrant pair of fresh to the market monotypes by American artist Mel Bochner.

These unique works present an opportunity to acquire an original piece of art by an important artist at a favorable price point.Long-Sharp Gallery caters in this way to newer collectors or collectors specializing in works on paper. According to Long-Sharp, “I wish I would have been offered this type of array of works when I was in the early stages of collecting fine art.” 

She adds, “and even after decades of collecting, I am drawn to the artist’s hand on paper and I have a particular affinity for unique works like those of Indiana and Bochner.”

Long-Sharp Gallery has been named one of the top 500 Galleries Worldwide by Louise Blouin Media for two consecutive years.


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