Libera Bio, a pioneer in delivering whole antibodies to high-value intracellular cancer targets, is closing its Seed Round extension



  • Antibodies delivered via the MPN Technology® are proven in vivo to bind with intracellular cancer targets and shrink tumors, in preclinical studies
  • Co-developing two antibodies against different KRAS mutations with a top ten pharma
  • Establishing alliances with companies designing novel monoclonal antibodies to deliver them intracellularly using Libera’s MPN Technology®
  • Closing its EUR 1.3 million Seed Round.


The company was formed in 2020 as a spin-off from the University of Santiago de Compostela and the laboratory of Prof. María José Alonso, a global expert in nanodelivery. Prof. Alonso worked at MIT with Prof. Robert Langer and, currently, he is an adviser of the company. In his recent visit to Santiago de Compostela, Professor Langer highlighted the important potential of biological drugs to address intracellular targets.


The complete Seed Round has closed with an intake of EUR 1.3 million. Investors in this round include:


  • Iñaki Berenguer, serial tech entrepreneur, Master MIT and PhD Cambridge
  • ROSP Corunna Participaciones Empresariales, S.L., a major family office in Spain
  • Xesgalicia, through Galicia Innova Tech, an investment fund of Xunta de Galicia, the regional authority of Galicia
  • Nowture, a specialized venture builder
  • Semola Tech Ventures, S.L., a biotech and life sciences investor
  • Mr. Manuel Francisco Rañal Loureiro, a business angel


Previous investors include


  • Sociedade Xestora de Intereses da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Unixest)
  • The founders: Prof. María José Alonso, Dr. Desiree Teijeiro and Mr. Olivier Jarry.


In addition, the company has regularly won grants from the European Union, the Spanish government and regional authorities in Galicia.


“This is a great step forward to advance to the clinic our drugs based on the nanodelivery MPN technology® and aiming at cancer targets previously deemed ‘undruggable’. We are looking forward to our current alliances and establishing new ones to bring innovative drugs addressing unmet needs”, said Prof. Alonso.


About Libera Bio. A preclinical biotech company focused on the delivery of large biologics to intracellular targets. The technology is also able to improve biodistribution of small molecules that may help reduce their toxicity. Also see


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