Leading Drug Information Brand Relaunches

In December 2016, Drug Target Review unveiled exciting new content, identity, logo, magazine design and a responsive website.

“Drug Target Review has only been around since 2014” said Publisher, Nic Losardo. “But in just two years, it has established itself as the top source of intelligence on drug discovery covering the latest research, developments, funding and technological developments.”

“We’re building on that success by putting in more editorial resource, upgrading our website and re-energizing all print and online design.”

They are serving a global community of 75,000 professionals working in drug discovery with news and articles, both online and in a quarterly journal, covering core topic areas such as Screening, Imaging and Stem Cells.

The new website – http://www.drugtargetreview.com – is optimized to be mobile responsive with additional content including blogs, webinars, products, videos, application notes and events. With mobile devices estimated to make up more than 50% of all drug discovery market website traffic in 2017, the site now stands apart as one of the only responsive formats in the sector.

Access to the main site is free to industry professionals, but brand members logging in can see extra content. The site aims to serve a global community of drug discovery researchers involved, but not limited to; Targets, Screening, Stem Cells, Hit-to-Lead, Omics, Imaging, Informatics and Regulatory and Legislation.

The site’s new commercial propositions allow suppliers to align their marketing with some of the best content in the industry across multiple channels. For more information please contact Nic Losardo on +44 1959 563311 or [email protected].