Kustom’s Premium Hemp CBD E-Liquids go Retail

Armadale@Com stocks the full Kustom Premium CBD liquid which has the following flavours, Fruit, Berries, Grape, Tropical and Menthol.

Armadale@Com Shop owner Ronnie stated “I have been selling Kustom Premium USA manufactured E-Liquids for several months and I have already seen a huge increase of 300% in my store sales.  When I was approached by Kustom in regards to their new product Kustom Premium Hemp CBD Oils, I was slightly dubious, about the product as there is no nicotine in comparison to the other e-liquids on the market. After researching further into the health benefits of Kustom’s Premium CBD Oil, I was extremely excited about this new product on the market as it is like nothing I have seen before and having searched online I learned more about this wonderful product.”.   

Ronnie also stated “In reality I felt privileged that they approached me to be one of the first independent approved stockists ofKustom Premium CBD Hemp e-liquids, I was suprised that I did not have to pay a fee to get the rights to sell this new product”.

John Dickson national sales director at Kustom, stated that Armandale@Com is one of the first of our independent retailers to have our company branding, where we have liveried the stores fascia and windows with Kustom corporate graphics, which added to the advantage of stocking Kustom Premium Hemp CBD E-liquids.

John continued to state, “ After the phenomenal sales online from our website, coupled with the increased month on month sales we have experienced since opening our Police box kiosk in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street, the decision to allow our affiliate outlets to offer this alternative pain relief over the counter was due entirely to the demand of the independent retailers.”

Kustom are now planning to increase the number of our affiliate stores stocking our Kustom Premium CBD E-Liquids over the coming months, Customers can keep up to date with new stockist’s by searching on the store locator via our website atwww.kustomvape.com or feel free to contact Kustom on free phone number 0800 015 5464 or alternatively email  hello@kustomvape.com

Contact Information

http://www.kustomvape.com Tel. 0800 015 5464 email. hello@kustomvape.com

or contact John Dickson on 07595 206679