Kentico Kontent unveils major product updates at its first global virtual event



In an effort to maintain business continuity, many companies are moving online and shifting to remote work. Their teams are required to communicate and collaborate on content virtually through the power of technology. To ensure smooth and speedy content production in these challenging times, Kentico Kontent has introduced several product improvements, including a web-specific add-on called Web Spotlight and a new Collections feature that helps large companies organize and unify their content. In addition to that, Kontent has announced their new, free virtual event, Kontent Horizons, that will take place on November 17-19 and is inviting those who want to learn more about headless content management or share their experience with others. 


Developed by Kentico Software, Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS providing an intuitive authoring experience that lets marketers focus on content creation and business workflows without requiring developer involvement. This frees developers to focus on what they do best—building engaging online experiences that look great in every channel. 


Companies across a wide range of industries have built their online experiences on top of Kontent, including Vogue, PPG, Oxford University, AC Milan, and Konica Minolta. Additionally, Kentico Kontent is regularly included in key industry reports published by Gartner, Forrester, and G2. 


“The speed of the platform development has been impressive, and it’s great to see new features added regularly,” says Niki Meredith, General Manager at Isobar. In August, the Kentico Kontent division released Web Spotlight, a set of features that gives developers and marketers the tools to manage their websites using a web-centric mindset. This add-on was developed to help teams who struggle to create their first website using the headless approach. “We believe that working in a headless CMS shouldn’t be a nightmare for marketers, which is why we’re continually working on improving the experience for marketing and content teams,” explains Bart Omlo, Kontent’s Managing Director. 


Adam Griffith, Managing Director at Luminary, confirms that the marketer experience is no longer secondary: “Web Spotlight and the collaborative editing environment have helped to lift the experience to the point where now we are seeing a strong preference for mature headless CMSs over traditional monolithic solutions in the eyes of the editors and marketers, not just the developers.” 


The other product improvement released in September, Collections, enables enterprises to manage all their content in a single repository, freeing it to be shared across departments, teams, websites, and channels without losing control. Moving all content into a single repository maximizes consistency while catering specific messages for regional markets and business divisions. Moreover, since every piece of content is assigned to a collection, customers can easily create an internal structure for their projects. 


To celebrate these product improvements with their customers and partners and discuss the state of the CMS market, Kentico Kontent decided to organize their first-ever virtual event. Kontent Horizons will bring together CMS professionals to share best practices, data-driven insights, and explore new partnership opportunities. The attendees will also have a chance to discuss real-life use cases with digital agencies and learn more about unique projects, such as the website of Cancer Council Australia, the nation’s leading non-government cancer charity organization, or a global provider of test and measurement equipment solutions, Electorent, whose story will be presented by UK’s leading agency Kyan. The event takes place on November 17-19, and the admission is free.    


About Kentico Kontent


Kentico Kontent is the world’s leading cloud-based headless CMS platform. Robust APIs, webhooks, and flexible content models give developers full control over the structure of their content and how it’s delivered to their websites and applications. The APIs deliver clean, structured content that can be pulled into any experience and technology stack. On top of this headless foundation, Kontent includes an intuitive authoring experience that lets marketers focus on content creation, allowing developers to focus on building engaging online experiences that look great in every channel. Kontent’s customers include AC Milan, Oxford University, Konica Minolta, REWE Group, and Vogue.