Katie Price post-nup: Top divorce lawyer comments

She is now reportedly planning to move much of that money into trust funds for her children so that Alex can’t touch it.

Leading UK divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag, who acted for heiress Katrin Radmacher in her prenup win in the Court of Appeal last summer, to be appealed before the Supreme Court in March, said:

“Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are obviously a live topic at the moment pending the Supreme Court’s decision. However, aside from agreements between couples, there’s also the ‘secret squirrel’ approach, whereby one party will try to hide assets away in complex corporate structures or trusts. A clever lawyer can set these up rather well. Equally, a clever lawyer can engage the wide powers of the courts and forensic expertise to unravel these structures. The court looks to the reality, and can take a sledgehammer to structures created to avoid marital claims.”

Notes to Editors:

Ayesha Vardag graduated from Cambridge University with Honours in Law and from Brussels with a Master’s in European Law, working at the International Courts of Justice in the Hague, the UN(IAEA) in Vienna, Linklaters (finance law) and Sears Tooth (divorce law).

Her firm, Ayesha Vardag Solicitors, works at the cutting edge of family law in leading cases involving ‘big money’ and complex international issues.


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