Join the Champions and Alvexo at the World Winter Games Austria 2017

Special Olympics – of which Alvexo is gold sponsor of Special Olympics Cyprus is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to more than 5.3 million athletes and Unified Sports partners in nearly 170 countries.

Alvexo is a regulated global investment brokerage that specialises in financial markets. The Special Olympics Cyprus partnership arose through a shared vision and commitment to give back to the community – to the people who need most our help. Alvexo was delighted to find a worthy cause to which it could actively contribute and which has resulted in the Cypriot team attending the Winter Games.

The Winter Olympics is the pinnacle aspiration for many of these sportsmen and women who strive every day to better their personal bests. Through dedication, focus and supported by family, friends, community organizations and sponsors, this collective effort is an extraordinary testament to the human spirit.

The host cities of Graz, Schladming, Ramsau and Styria in Austria, renowned for their warmth and hospitality will enthusiastically host almost 3,000 Special Olympics athletes for this year’s biggest sports event. Nine sports will be covered from figure and speed skating, alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, stick shooting, floor hockey and floorball and snowshoeing. The events will be broadcast by ESPN to increase audience participation worldwide.

In addition to the events, there will be a selection of in-between activities to further endorse the community participation and sense of inclusion, where irrespective of abilities everyone contributes towards a better, healthier way of life.

Alvexo seeks meaningful community engagement and through Special Olympics Cyprus discovered that the joy of sports transcends the skills and abilities acquired, and defines itself uniquely as a positive force to see beyond the limits of individual circumstances. Inspiring in nature and achievements, the Special Olympics Cyprus and World Winter Games share the same vision we adhere to every day – looking and actively pursuing ways to make a brighter future for all through integrity and commitment to a common cause.

Dedicated to supporting global initiatives, Alvexo supports Special Olympics Cyprus athletes in all facets of their endeavours, while also volunteering dozens of employees throughout the year to contribute in the various aspects of the events.

We invite you to attend, donate or participate in the World Winter Games 2017 in Austria. Be part of a worthy and meaningful event and let change begins with us, and through our individual action, we’ll help to create a better world.

To the Alvexo website: https://www.alvexo.com/

To the Special Olympic International website: http://www.specialolympics.org/

To the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia website: http://www.specialolympics.org/region-europe-eurasia.aspx

To the Special Olympics Cyprus website: http://specialolympics.com.cy/