Israel closes criminal investigation against Beny Steinmetz


The Office of the Israeli State Attorney in Tel Aviv has decided to fully close the investigation file against Beny Steinmetz. The criminal investigation was closed permanently prior to starting any court hearings.


Israel joins a series of proceedings whose competent judicial authorities have vindicated Beny Steinmetz, refuting any accusations and allegations against him.


The closing of the Israeli investigation follows the historical settlement with the Government of Guinea, and VALE’s unilateral withdrawal of its $1.2 billion lawsuit filed at the High Court of London.


Following the positive developments in Israel, Beny Steinmetz’ lawyers, Nati Simchony and Ronen Rosenblum stated: “The decision of the Office of the Israeli State Attorney in Tel Aviv proves yet again that the allegations against Beny Steinmetz are baseless. For more than 10 years he has been at the centre of an international campaign against his reputation and integrity. Today, marks Beny Steinmetz’s vindication in Israel.”