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Nakkna was founded by three designers, Claes Berkes, Ella Soccorsi and Camilla Sundin.

They met and were all top students at the renowned Beckman’s School of Design from which they graduated in 2001.

Two years later the company was established in Stockholm where the studio and the flagship store are located.

The Nakkna style is best described as avant-garde yet very wearable.

The signature Nakkna silhouette is easily recognized by its voluminous yet refined shapes.

The debut – AfricanDeathMetalCircus, S/S2004 – established a unique neominimalist approach where complex constructions and drapings were manifested in clean cuts. The Nakkna look has been described as ’a dialogue between soft, draped effects and hard, angular forms.’

Since launching, the design trio have recieved numerous awards, including the Elle Magazine Best Newcomer Award. From then on Nakkna has been a regular in Swedish fashion media.

Since the beginning the Nakkna designers have had a close cooperation with creative agency Sandberg&Timonen, stylist Ellen Af Geijerstam and music composer and producer Yourhighness – particularly for the catwalk presentations that are essential to the Nakkna concept.

The creative process is a solemn one, among the designers the agreement of what the label should represent stretches beyond words. This mutual understanding is the key to keeping the label vital and progressive. Nakkna is a trio but speaks with one voice.

The Nakkna label is sold through a total of some 30 stores in Scandinavia and selected stores in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Hong Kong and Seoul.

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