Introducing Nuacom: A Refreshed Irish Brand That Brings Tech Innovation to Phone Systems

The company was founded in 2009 as MyCleverphone and since then it has been providing reliable IP phone systems for a wide variety of businesses. The team is happy to announce their new brand which better reflects their service, vision and future plans. Nuacom’s goal is to make business communication more flexible, efficient and affordable. This is possible due to VoIP technology and cloud computing.

The new brand is called “Nuacom”. “Nua” means new and “com” means communication. It’s intended for business professionals willing to get flexible and robust hosted phone systems, reduce significantly the price of their phone calls and make their business communication more efficient.

This re-branding is the result of company’s tech evolution and commitment. During the years their cloud based system evolved and received a broader range of features. All these define a new unified communications service comprised of multiple solutions: hosted phone system, IVR system, call recording, SMS tool, fax to email, etc.

The new system is based on a robust infrastructure and a wide range of advanced features and new additions:

  • New website: available on the following link:
  • New features: mobile app for Android and iOS, Google Chrome extension & app, CRM, web reporting, SIM card hosting, etc.
  • Professional support: all the customers can get free support via multiple channels: chat, email, phone
  • Comprehensive help center: user guides, FAQs, tutorials, etc.
  • New apps & integrations: integration with OneDrive, Mailchimp, TripAdvisor and other popular apps
  • New partnership program: better terms for affiliates, re-sellers and partners
  • “Small and medium enterprises are very interested in switching to cloud based telephony, thanks to minimal upfront investment, reliability (99.99% uptime), flexibility, unique features (IVR menu, call recording, call queues, etc.) and great support. The goal of this re-branding exercise is to deliver a new/better service, based on the same reliable infrastructure + plenty of new options and improvements. We are planning to expand and open around 20 new jobs in Ireland in the next 2 years.” Igor Toma – CTO at Nuacom

To celebrate its launch, the company is running a limited time offer, providing a 40% discount on all packages.


Igor Toma