Interview with Elisabeth Boivin and Nick Hollingworth, Managing Directors at Creating Tomorrow’s Forests



Hosted by journalist Juliette Foster, Elisabeth Boivin and Nick Hollingworth the Managing Directors of Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is an innovative company that partners with businesses to meet their sustainability and net-zero goals through planting forests.


2021 is a critical year for organisations to finalise net-zero strategies in the run up to COP26, and carbon offsetting is high on the sustainability agenda. Creating Tomorrow’s Forests takes a more holistic approach to offsetting and specialises in forming partnerships to develop tailored nature-based solutions for wider sustainability goals. Their model provides a unique opportunity to offset carbon, increase biodiversity, and invest in natural capital by planting thriving native woodlands.


They are experts in forest and habitat creation, having planted over 9 million trees in the UK, and been involved in a multitude of habitat creation projects. All the tree planting and ongoing maintenance is carried out in house, ensuring that their diverse forests provide ecosystem services for the long term.


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