Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Launches in Australia

On December 7th the Institute of Trading Portfolio Management, famed for delivering professional trading education to retail traders, will launch with an inaugural seminar in Sydney, Australia. Two days later the seminar will be delivered in Melbourne, Australia. The Institute’s “Trading The Truth” seminar will be delivered by Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil and will focus on the following areas:

“Behind the Wall” 
Professional trading secrets they don’t want you to know

“Opposites Attract” 
Why the vast majority of retail traders lose money

“The Tail Wags the Dog” 
Proof that the majority of Trading “Educators” don’t teach you how to trade

“It’s A Warzone” 
Navigating through the Retail Trader landscape – A Survivors Guide

“Trading the Truth” 
Your Money or Your Life!

“Anyone Can Do It” 
How to make $1,000,000 from trading within 2,000 days

The seminar will not only be the first live seminar given by the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management in Australia, but will also Anton Kreil’s first visit to the country since TV show “Million Dollar Traders” was aired on the Bio Channel in 2009. 

Due to the rarity and popularity of these seminars, delegates are being encouraged to secure their FREE tickets as quickly as possible to the events as they will undoubtedly be fully registered by the first week of December.  

The Institute will be hosting these seminars with local partner Alpha Futures and Equities, who will be sponsoring the event as part of their drive to bring a more responsible and sustainable educational offering to their clients and to the retail trading community in Australia.

Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute, made the following statement about today’s announcement: “We are very excited to be launching in Australia this December. Since the TV show “Million Dollar Traders” was aired on the Bio Channel in 2009, it has been a strong personal ambition of mine to bring the Institute and our trading education to the country. The problems retail traders face in Australia are no different to those in the United Kingdom. We have changed the educational landscape in the U.K. for the better and we will do the same in Australia. Alpha Futures and Equities have recognised this, and we have consequently teamed up with them. Retail Traders in Australia will have seen nothing like what we are about to teach them. Put simply, they will be blown away.

The Sydney and Melbourne Seminars are open for registration to the general public. Delegates can register for these seminars by visiting the following URL’s:
Sydney – 7th December 2013 – The Wallace Lecture Theatre, University of Sydney, Camperdown /Darlington Campus CLICK HERE 
Melbourne – 9th December 2013 – Arts West Copland Theatre (Building 148), University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus CLICK HERE


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