Innovative Orthodontists Rock Social Media with Unprecedented Comedic Advertising Campaign



The “Rock You-Mentary” tells a story of how the three founding doctors were teased metal-mouth-teens who became international rock-stars, touring the world during the 80’s, but eventually leaving behind stardom to help solve their fans’ apparent orthodontic issues.


Each video features the three founding doctors of WGM with wild 80’s hair, vibrant tights, and rock moves that left these middle-aged orthodontists’ muscles sore.


“Dr. Greer, Dr. Maggard and I really channeled our inner rock stars,” said Dr. Greg White, reminiscing on the filming experience with the other founding doctors of WGM.


“After high-kicks and jumping off stages, Ibuprofen was necessary, but worth it – we had a great time and it was a really fun project. Our hope with these videos is to make our patients and community, that we’ve had the pleasure to serve over the last 30 years, laugh and smile.”


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