Imperas and SELTECH Collaborate on Hypervisor Development and Deployment

FEXER OX has been ported to the MIPS M-class M5150 CPU, and runs on both actual hardware and Imperas virtual platforms. Imperas and SELTECH are also working together on tools in the Imperas M*SDK product for the bring up of guest operating systems and bare metal applications. In addition, as members of the prpl Foundation Security Working Group, Imperas and SELTECH are collaborating on testing of security in the hypervisor-based software stack.

The FEXER OX hypervisor takes advantage of the hardware virtualization features in the MIPS Warrior CPUs from Imagination Technologies such as the MIPS M-class M5150, to enable a high performance, low overhead virtualized environment for embedded systems. This capability is key for systems with significant security and reliability requirements.

The first product of the collaboration is an Extendable Platform Kit™ (EPK™) using an Imperas Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) virtual platform based on the OVP model of the MIPS M5150, with the FEXER OX hypervisor and Linux and µITRON as guest operating systems. EPKs are designed to help users accelerate embedded software development, debug and test. The platform and peripheral models included in the EPKs are open source, so that users can easily add new models to the platform as well as modify the existing peripheral models.

“Imperas enables SELTECH to create new value for our customers by reducing time and cost-to-market, while improving their overall system performance,” said Shoi Egawa, CEO of SELTECH Corporation. “Our work with market leaders including Imperas and Imagination will help us continue to strengthen our position across the Japanese electronics market and beyond.”

SELTECH will be demonstrating the M5150/FEXER OX EPK at the Embedded Technology 2015 Conference and Exhibition, to be held 18-20 November 2015 in the PACIFICO Yokohama conference center. SELTECH will also show the same demonstration on a hardware board, allowing users to see the capabilities of FEXER OX as well as the complementary nature of hardware development boards and virtual platforms for software development, debug and test.

“It is exciting and gratifying to see members of the MIPS ecosystem working together to provide new software, tools and methodology to MIPS users,” said Jim Nicholas, VP, MIPS Business Operations, Imagination. “The hardware virtualization features in our MIPS M51xx CPUs make them a unique and powerful offering for next-generation microcontroller-class products. We’re pleased to see these new solutions from Imperas and SELTECH that can help our customers more quickly and easily bring secure, reliable devices to market.”

“We are delighted to work with SELTECH because of their deep knowledge of embedded software and strength in the market,” said Simon Davidmann, CEO of Imperas. “As we continue to build the Imperas ecosystem and our solutions for MIPS CPUs, we expect this partnership to benefit and serve our expanding customer base in Japan and beyond.”


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