igloohome integrates with Minut to offer a comprehensive smart home solution for short-term vacation rental homes



igloohome, the market-leading smart access solutions provider for homes, has integrated with Minut’s suite of smart home monitoring technology. The integration makes it simpler for users, allowing them to unlock their igloohome locks from the Minut web or mobile app. When the guests arrive at their rental, Minut will notify the host so they know that the check-in has been completed. This way, all manual work from the check-in process is removed, making it more time-efficient and less error-prone.


Since 2015, igloohome has been eliminating physical key exchanges for Airbnb hosts and grew into offering a slew of smart locks for homeowners and property managers to go keyless. Its products include deadbolts, mortises, lockboxes, and padlocks which are easy to deploy thanks to its unique proprietary algoPIN™ technology. The technology allows property owners to create time-sensitive PIN codes and send them to guests remotely, thereby eliminating the need for physical key exchanges. This means that igloohome products are ideal for applications where an internet connection is not available and therefore work in an offline setting.


“We’re pleased to be working with Minut. With clear signs pointing to a global post-pandemic travel boom and analysts optimistic about short-term rental market growth, igloohome and Minut are well equipped to support short-term rental hosts in protecting their homes from parties, noise complaints, damage & intruders in a smart, automated, scalable way,” commented Laure Correia, Sales Director of igloohome France.


Minut, a Swedish smart home monitoring tech company, is the global leader in property monitoring, helping people prevent, detect and resolve issues within their properties. Minut’s Smart Home Sensor is a camera-free, all-in-one device that allows users to remotely monitor occupancy levels, noise levels, motion tracking, and temperature. Minut’s Smart Home Sensor is especially suited for the short-term rental market and the brand is partnered with Airbnb and integrated with Guesty, Bookingsync, Smoobu, Breezeway, and Kasa.


Smart lock integrations add to Minut’s goal of helping hosts provide a top-notch guest experience. The new integration bolsters the value proposition for Minut users as they can now facilitate contactless and seamless check-ins. This is sure to delight hosts and guests alike and encourages high ratings from guests. Additionally, smart locks ensure greater security. There’s no need to worry about misplaced keys, or past occupants accessing the property without authorization. Furthermore, hosts can manage their properties remotely and will not need to do physical key exchanges for check-ins.


“Sharing works better for everyone when we work together in the industry. By combining igloohome smart locks with Minut sensors we make contactless check-ins better—letting hosts know when guests have arrived or left and enabling more timely automated messaging for guests. We’re thrilled to work with igloohome who shares our vision of creating the best possible home-sharing experience for hosts and guests alike.” said Nils Mattisson, Minut CEO & Co-founder.


If you’re interested in using the solution, visit https://www.igloohome.co/en-us/ or www.minut.com for more details.



About igloocompany

Anthony Chow and Kelvin Ho founded igloohome, a smart access company that makes smart locks and lock boxes, in July 2015. Since then, the company has grown to include an enterprise-focused vertical, iglooworks, which focuses on large-scale access management. Currently headquartered in Singapore, it has over 100 employees with 13 regional offices worldwide. In October 2020, igloocompany was announced as the company entity of igloohome and iglooworks.


About igloohome

igloohome creates award-winning keyless access solutions for smarter living and smarter cities. With igloohome smart locks, users can grant time-sensitive access to their properties or assets remotely. Unlike other smart devices in the market, igloohome uses unique technology – algoPIN™- that enables their solutions to be highly secure and able to operate remotely without the need for WiFi connectivity. 


About Minut

Protect your home, your neighbors’ peace and quiet and your guests’ privacy with Minut. Get real-time notifications on noise, motion, temperature, humidity in your property, from anywhere in the world. Prevent parties, look after your home and build trust with neighbors. All without compromising on privacy.


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