ibelsa allows access to hundreds of cloud systems by connecting with Zapier

ibelsa.rooms, a leading management software, created specially for small and medium-sized hotels and different types of accommodation facilities, allows users to now easily integrate hundreds of apps through Zapier. Hotel owners are able to automate even more hotel procedures to ensure an efficient and easy workflow.

Zapier is a popular cloud-based integration platform through which ibelsa can connect to other web based systems and apps and allow hoteliers access to such online services such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Mail, Dropbox, Outlook and many more. The integration will be beneficial for hotels to allow an organized and simple workflow and will be triggered whenever new reservations are made. The integration is projected to be a big step forward for ibelsa and its users.

Speaking to media, a spokesperson from ibelsa.rooms said, “Yes we are very pleased about this integration with Zapier, as there is great need for such a software that automatically organises the hoteliers daily work flow.”

With Zapier, users can easily integrate hundreds of web apps using so called “Zaps”. Getting started with this exciting new integration is simple and requires only a few moments. Users just need to create a Zapier account under www.zapier.com and start creating their own personal “Zap”, which defines a simple workflow that is triggered whenever new reservations are made within ibelsa.rooms.

Following its own philosophy, ibelsa passes on the advantages of its secure cloud technology to hoteliers, which is evident in its price structure. For customers, the integration of Zapier, as well as the ibelsa support are free-of-charge.

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