Hubtiger Expands its Offerings with Powerful Rental Software for Retailers

“Our mission has always been crystal clear: to empower retail businesses with world-class tools that optimise store efficiencies and bolster our customers’ revenue,” says Stuart Blyth, CEO and Co-Founder at Hubtiger.

“We firmly believe that by equipping our partners with cutting-edge technology, we’re not just enhancing their businesses; we’re profoundly enriching their lives, providing them with the means to flourish and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.”

“Our Rental product journey began in response to the challenges faced by many of our customers worldwide. They struggled with existing rental software that was clunky, expensive, and lacked integration with EPOS systems or our Hubtiger workshop product. It became abundantly clear that we needed to create something modern, user-friendly, and aligned with our core product objectives.”

Hubtiger is the ideal software solution for rental shops looking to optimise their long- and short-term rental operations as well as enhance customer satisfaction. 

Here’s What Rental Shops Can Look Forward To With Hubtiger’s Rental Software:

  • Hassle-Free Booking: Embed the Hubtiger booking widget to your shop’s website and enhance your customer’s booking experience with hassle-free browsing, real-time availability checks, and an effortless booking process.
  • Collect Online Waivers: Create, send, and store online waivers, streamlining the rental process and reducing paperwork.
  • Automated Customer Communication: Enhance customer experience with automated confirmation messages containing essential details like rental dates, pickup and return locations, and any special instructions.
  • Upfront Deposits or Payments:  Shops can conveniently accept deposits or upfront payments when rental reservations are made online. Plus, for long-term rental arrangements, shops can set up subscription-based payments via Hubtiger.
  • Manage Fleet Maintenance: Easily track and manage fleet repairs and maintenance by utilising the combined capabilities of Hubtiger’s Repair and Rental Software. 

Shops have the flexibility to either use the new Rental Software with their existing Hubtiger Repair Software or use it as a standalone solution. This provides comprehensive control over their operations and the tools to significantly enhance the customer rental experience.

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About Hubtiger: Hubtiger is a trusted tech company that offers cloud-based repair and rental software solutions. With a strong commitment to improving shop efficiencies, enhancing customer experiences, and driving returns to retail, Hubtiger has established itself as a leading software provider. Their innovative software is trusted by both repair and rental businesses worldwide. With Hubtiger, businesses can unlock the full potential of their operations and thrive in today’s competitive market.