HSL Mobile Strategic Investment Fuels Enterprise Growth Momentum

With a growing number of businesses adopting mobile communications as a critical part of their business activities, the importance of choosing a provider that can guarantee a fail-safe and secure delivery environment is impossible to understate. As such, HSL’s planned expansion ensures the highest levels of resilience, providing its global enterprise customers with the reliability and 24×7 service continuity they demand. HSL Mobile is anticipating significant demand for its upcoming Enterprise Solution offering which spans from simple SMS solutions to sophisticated multi-platform, multimodal communication services comprising voice, SMS and instant messaging. Aligned to provide superior services to customers, HSL has built an innovative set of unique assets through which they offer comprehensive mobile communication services that can be designed to specific customer requirements and seamlessly integrated into a customer’s existing IT environment. Furthermore, by leveraging HSL Mobile’s investment in the latest computing and network technologies and best-in-class equipment on the market today, customers can secure the benefits of HSL Mobile’s exceptional efficiency levels and industry standards approach without the expensive need to lock themselves into proprietary solutions. “When you consider that our customers depend on our services to communicate anything from financial information to impending tsunami alerts, it’s easy to appreciate the significance of our need to operate fault tolerant, secure and high performance IT and telecoms infrastructure and how that shapes our business and infrastructure decisions,” says Mark Hay, CEO and CTO of HSL Mobile. “Our comprehensive approach to delivering mobile communication services, powered by our robust and secure infrastructure, is defined by the needs of our customers.” Hay continued, “Substantial investment is being made by HSL Mobile at a time when many companies have cut back or continue to be wary of investment. With this investment we are well placed to expand our business on a stronger platform for delivering our services to enterprises in an increasingly competitive marketplace and achieve our ambition of being the provider of choice globally for mobile communication services.” Greg Leonard, Head of Operations added, “HSL Mobile is entering an exciting phase where we are investing in enhancing the performance and robustness of our infrastructure, where our customers and staff will immediately experience the benefits. My strong team of engineers, coupled with this infrastructure investment, are ready to cope with the anticipated growth that our existing and future services are expected to bring.” About HSL Mobile HSL Mobile is the up-and-coming global provider of mobile communication services to enterprises. Having been founded in 1999 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the company continues to deliver excellence, reliability and innovation in its services, enabling customers such as DHL and BAA to employ them in business critical applications. HSL Mobile’s Enterprise Solution offering provides simple SMS solutions to sophisticated multi-platform communication services. Enterprise Solution is the innovative flagship service driven by customer requirements and is built on security, support, reporting and availability. For enterprises with offices and staff around the world, Enterprise Solution provides an ideal channel for successful team and external communications creating tangible benefits such as efficiencies and improved processes. The company is headquartered in Livingston, Scotland and has its research and development office in Edinburgh. Sales offices are located in Livingston and London. Notes to Editors HSL Mobile’s key competitors are Clickatell, mBlox, Tyntec, Esendex, Sybase 365 and Twilio. A PDF of this release is available here. Contact Details Barbara O’Hara Senior Marketing Executive Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)1506 605 272 Web: http://www.hslmobile.com LinkedIn / Twitter / Google+