How to stop worrying by unlocking the mystery of the mind



When people are overcome with worry, they often wrongly think there is nothing they can do to relieve their anguish.


By unlocking the mystery of the mind, worriers can switch from a feeling of overwhelming angst to one where their concerns are transformed into something more manageable. When this happens, they discover they can take problems in their stride. They get better outcomes in their life.  And most importantly, they find relief in even the most stressful situations.


The key lies in doing two things.


  • First, accepting they often cannot change the situation in which they find themselves, and they cannot change the way others behave.
  • Instead, worriers need to change the way they deal with the situation and how they respond to others. This is done by focusing on the things over which they have control, namely their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Making these changes has always been the big challenge when people are worried sick, so Johnson describes exactly what to do in her book.


She unlocks the mystery of the mind, and explains how people can find relief from mind-numbing worries even if they have been constant worriers all their life.


When worriers understand the connection between the mind and the body, and how the conscious and subconscious interact, they have at their disposal the tools they need to deal with stress and worry in a more effective way.


  • Even though it may not seem like it, it is possible for people to choose the thoughts in their conscious mind, whether they are worry-type thoughts or something more upbeat.
  • All sorts of negative beliefs are stored below the radar in the subconscious that create powerful doubts holding worriers back, and these can be subdued.
  • The subconscious has a phenomenal capacity to come up with solutions to the problems people are facing. Its efforts just need to be channelled in the right direction.
  • In view of the mind-body connection, worriers can learn how to lift their mood by changing their posture, muscle tension and eye contact.


Johnson says “When worriers understand how the mind works, they release the shackles that have been holding them back. They become receptive to alternative ways of dealing with stress and worry that bring great relief.”


Johnson has translated the theory about how the mind works into a simple 5-step process that anyone can apply in their everyday life to relieve their worries.


  1. Recognise the signs of worry.
  2. Take control of the internal dialogue.
  3. Create upbeat pictures on the screen in the mind.
  4. Feel the feeling.
  5. Take action.


This process can be used to overcome the anguish associated with financial worries, health concerns, relationship problems and demanding work situations.


Irrespective of genetic make-up, upbringing and the experiences they have been through, worriers can tame their doubts and fears, resolve their problems and restore their peace of mind.


The book is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.


Notes to Editors:


From a young age, Kay Johnson had always been a chronic worrier. Then came the wake-up call in her early 30s when her immune system gave out and she went down with a crash. That was the turning point and she resolved to find a better way of dealing with her stress-filled life. Her book, “How Can I Stop Worrying?”, is the result of the search to find an effective way of dealing with stress and worry.


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