How to balance sex and the city and get hitched!

Cosmopolitan living sees single professional women delicately balancing career with stylish living and the pursuit of the perfect man. A phenomenon is bellowing throughout major cities where women find themselves overtaking their partners in success and independence and even competing for greater status.

Couple this social trend with the feminine instinct for the desire to feel cared for and the dynamics of the relationship become very complicated: the desire for stability, a cat and mouse chase, battle of wills, yet magnetism that creates a relationship full of excitement and explosions. This emotional nature v nurture tug-of-war is causing women (let alone men!) to make mistakes in how they select a partner and how they ‘manage’ the relationship.

Successful intelligent people like to be in control of all aspects of their lives, so understanding attraction, relationships and the influence of modern living is the key to making it work. Women need to adjust their frame of mind from the influences of their parents’ relationship and learn a new approach to making a modern relationship work: accepting periods of separation while you or your partner jets off on a business trip, maintaining femininity and leaving the masculine persona in the boardroom, and not competing with your partner’s career.

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