Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair: Cooksongold Launches PRECIOUS M 080 Direct Metal Laser Sintering System

Dr. Adrian Keppler, Chief Marketing Officer at EOS states: “This AM process introduces an innovative, paradigm shifting technology to the luxury goods industry. With Cooksongold we found the perfect partner for the extension of our technology into this industry. Additive Manufacturing paves the way for a completely new approach towards design and manufacturing, enabling design-driven manufacturing the industry has long been searching for.”

David Fletcher, European Product Manager, Cooksongold, adds: “The DMLS technology challenges a designer’s imagination and enables the creation of jewellery and watch components that previously would have been impossible to successfully manufacture. AM will change the economics of producing watch and jewellery products by offering a streamlined manufacturing process that dramatically reduces the time required from design conception to final part realisation. DMLS will also enable the production of design driven pieces that are not limited by the restrictions of conventional production techniques such as lost wax casting.”

At Cooksongold, product and service offerings will range from the sale and installation of a PRECIOUS M 080 machine and the supporting supply chain for jewellery and watch production including licences, Advanced Metal Powder, software and training. Cooksongold will also provide consultation for a DMLS-driven design process and bureau service production of bespoke precious metal parts.   

Additively manufactured, 18k 3N Yellow gold

Height 11.6mm

Weight as built 40.8g, weight as finished milled and polished 34.1g

Time from design finalisation to finished part – 1 week  

For more information: David Fletcher; European Product Manager, Cooksongold (phone +44(0)7971-112618, e-mail: [email protected]),Cooksongold website.