Home Secretary gives green light to Mosquito device

The Mosquito, devised by Merthyr Tydfil-based company Compound Security Systems Ltd., emits a noise at a frequency only young people and teenagers can hear.

They can be used by beleaguered shopkeepers, takeaway owners, banks and supermarkets etc. to scatter gangs of youths gathering outside their shops.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson stressed his personal commitment to the devices when addressing MPs during Home Office questions and added that he felt the devices were “very helpful“ in aiding communities plagued by groups of “rowdy young people”.

He was responding to a call from Labour MP Natasha Engel for the devices to be banned because she claimed they were discriminatory.

Mr. Johnson told MPs: “There is evidence that shows these devices can be very helpful where people feel a congregation of rowdy young people is actually adversely affecting their quality of life.”

But it has attracted criticism from civil rights campaigners, who complain that the devices discriminate against the young.

In December, First Great Western trains were forced to turn off the device at a Devon station after complaints from young travelers. They have since confirmed that they have reinstated the Mosquito but rather than leaving it running 24/7, the device will be used now at specific times of the day.

Compound Security Commercial Director Simon Morris responded to the Home Secretary’s statement “We are pleased to see that the government have at last given support to the Mosquito’s use by police and local authorities. We have been campaigning for two years to get officials to meet with use to draw up a national implementation policy for the use of the device and we hope now that the device has Home Office approval, that this will happen”.

Mr. Morris also stated that “forthcoming budget cuts for police and local government will mean that there will be even less money available to tackle anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the coming years. Implementing Mosquito’s with a clear set of usage guidelines for the police and local authorities has the potential to save millions of pounds annually”.


A written Declaration was submitted to the European Parliament in June 2008 asking for a total ban on the Mosquito device. At the close of the vote in September 2008 only 7% of MEP’s had voted to ban the device.

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