HNA Group Launches Direct Flights Between Beijing and Lisbon

The agreement to launch a direct flight from Beijing to Lisbon was signed during Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s visit to Beijing in October 2016 and the new route was unveiled at the inauguration ceremony that was held on July 11 in Lisbon, Portugal. The debut flight is scheduled to take place on July 25, 2017.

The Hangzhou-Beijing-Lisbon route is the airline’s first international route between two countries, as well as an important step in the airline’s effort to contribute to “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and the goal of re-imagining and recreating a modern version of the ancient trade routes that connected China to Europe. With Beijing as the key hub, Capital Airlines plans to establish more international routes, further extending the connection between China and other countries.

Chen Feng, Chairman of HNA Group, said, “Capital Airlines’ direct flight service between China and Portugal will be an important contribution to strengthening cooperation between these two countries by promoting tourism and improving trade and economic relations. This effort is part of HNA’s strategy to build the new Silk Road of the 21st Century and bring people and countries closer together.”

Capital Airlines plans to integrate all available resources and ensure the success of the new route with quality services and security technologies. With the Airbus wide-body, twin-engine A330 as the aircraft and flights three times a week, the route offers 180 degree fully flat seat in business class and a selection of Lisbon-style delicacies on the food menu. In addition, the tourism resources and a selection of products from Spain and Portugal will further enrich the travel experience for passengers.

About HNA Group

HNA Group is a global Fortune 500 company focused on tourism, logistics and financial services. Since its founding in 1993, HNA Group has evolved from a regional airline based on Hainan Island in southern China into a global company with approximately $145 billion of assets, over $90 billion in annual revenues, and an international workforce of 410,000 employees, primarily across America, Europe and Asia. HNA’s tourism business is a fast-growing, vertically-integrated global player with market-leading positions in aviation, hotels and travel services. HNA operates and invests in nearly 3,200 hotels with over 380,000 rooms across major markets, and has 1,250 aircraft carrying nearly 100 million passengers to 270 cities worldwide. HNA’s Logistics business is a leader in logistics and supply chain management with capabilities in shipping and equipment manufacturing, maritime transportation, third-party payment platforms and project finance. In financial services, HNA is China’s largest non-bank leasing company, and a leading provider of a diverse set of businesses in equipment leasing, insurance, asset management, investment banking and credit services.

About Capital Airlines

Capital Airlines is a joint venture between HNA Group and the Beijing municipal government, established in 2010. With its seven-year track record, Capital Airlines gradually grew from a small carrier into an influential medium-sized enterprise, with annual passenger traffic exceeding 13 million and a fleet of 72 aircraft. The airline has established ten hubs including overnight parking and maintenance facilities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Sanya, Haikou, Xi’an, Lijiang, Shenyang, Nanjing and Qingdao, as well as an active international overseas business, having launched more than 260 domestic and international routes which reach 207 destinations worldwide.