Historic Hotels of Europe launches innovative guest gateway

“We see ourselves as custodians of the heritage of the historic hotels, but of their stories too. If a picture can paint a thousand words, just imagine what a stay in one of these hotels can conjure up.

“We’re inviting guests to walk in the footsteps of kings, queens, and Europe’s high society; to play their own part on the stage of historical Europe. Our new website captures the essence of each hotel beautifully and our booking system will make it quicker and easier to find the hotel you want and book it straight away – in real time.”

Ease of search and booking were the key requirements identified by the group when selecting which technology provider to partner with. And award-winning Technology, Design and Marketing company, Net Affinity, proved to be the perfect choice. With a track record of delivering innovative solutions, exclusively to the hotel sector, Net Affinity developed an online booking feature, which dispenses with the need for an intermediary. “We are fascinated with technology and what it brings in, however, the Historic Hotels website retains the human element by allowing our guests to connect with each hotel directly on line, by email or phone – a harmonious blend of man and machine, allowing guests to easily book the room of their choice.”

Commenting on the carefully-balanced mix of technology and emotive content, Barbara goes on to say, “The Historic Hotels of Europe site brings a great deal of innovation to the travel market, with a beautiful, easy to navigate site, powered by cutting edge technology. Guests can see reviews by previous visitors, thanks to Trust You’s guest review tool –  and they can contact hoteliers direct.

“We know this fits the needs of our guests, who want to be immersed into the local culture and experience a gateway into the emotional journey of Europe’s heritage.

“Staying in the Historic Hotels is a voyage into the traditions, identities, values and know-how amassed and passed down over generations of hospitality. More than just hotels, our hoteliers create meaningful traveller experiences, thanks to their passion for hospitality.”

Historic Hotels of Europe offers hundreds of iconic breaks in almost 500 legendary properties, across 18 countries. Some of the hotels are huge and grand. Others are small and humble. What links them all is an unbroken chain, linking guests directly to the generations who shaped our shared history.

Wherever you stay, you’ll be sleeping under the same roofs as princes and rebels, poets, artists and musicians – whoever they are, they have all made their mark on European history. And their stories are built into the bricks and mortar of the buildings that sheltered them through happy days and turbulent times.

Your stay means you create your own story, adding your own unique thread to the narrative of history.

We all have a finite time to gather the experiences of our lives and collect precious memories: staying in one of these Historic luxury hotels gives you a unique sense of continuity with history. What’s more, you’ll also be helping to preserve some of the most important European historic architecture existing today.

Link: Video of the new Historic Hotels of Europe website

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Notes to Editors:

About Historic Hotels of Europe and Net Affinity:

To find out more, visit www.historichotelsofeurope.com.

HHE is a not for profit umbrella group, bringing together 13 member organisations across 18 countries, representing almost 500 hotels.

Our core values:

Historic Hotels of Europe is committed to providing every guest with an unforgettable hotel experience that goes far beyond expectations: a unique stay blending history and culture with luxury.

We see ourselves as guardians of heritage: cherishing each property as a historic treasure within its nation and we seek to develop partnerships with like-minded people.

With your support and our dedication, we continue to preserve and improve every property – and keep their stories alive.

We remain the most prestigious network of hotels throughout Europe and strive to provide all our guests with the very best experience. 

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Net Affinity is an Award winning Technology, Design & Marketing Company working exclusively with Hotels. Our primary business model is to Grow Direct Bookings for Hotels. We achieve this by providing booking technology solutions bundled with high touch services including website design, marketing and account management with a strong emphasis on conversion tools and techniques.