Hill: Into Outta This World will send you whirling into space into your own self


Semi-transcendental wizards Hill have been playing in Brighton for 2 years now, freaking gig-goers out with their confusing and yet catchy tunes. After their single release in 2018 “We are in your Garden”, this album follows up with something trippier, more put-together and goes further into the exploration of jazz and improvisation through the lens of psychedelia. Homages paid to old children’s songs and avant-garde jazz alike. Appearing from a haze, this release is the Pandora’s box you want to open. And if you do, you will find beauty, love and freedom through the form of cathartic improvisation. The album comes with an illustrated booklet of one of the songs “The Tale of the Pixie and the Comet”.

Hill, at the moment, is a trio, consisting of Pete Piskov (flute, guitar, vocals), Willow Bumble (Bass) and James Seel (Drums), going under the names Pete the Beet, Willow the Bumble and James the Seal. All having played music for many years in and outside of Brighton, Pete playing under his own name since the age of 16 in venues in London and Willow previously playing for another Brighton band “Wax Machine”. Members of which are featured as guests on this album playing saxophone and various percussion instruments. 

Most shows they’ve played so far, although in small venues such as The Hope and Ruin, The Rialto Theatre, Green Door Store, The Brunswick and The Richmond have been “sold-out” shows with great turn-outs and much joy and dancing all around. Future shows:

25/01 – Rialto Theatre, Brighton

08/02 – Back Beat Bar, Brighton

13/03 – UCA Bar, Canterbury

Album: https://hillmusick.bandcamp.com/album/into-outta-this-world

Bandcamp: https://hillmusick.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HillMusick/

Instagram: @hillmusick

For more information, to arrange an interview or anything else, contact Pete at [email protected]