Hemisphere GNSS Announces All-New Outback Guidance MaveriX



The new MaveriX Precision AG solution, built around the new MaveriX agriculture application software platform, provides state-of-the-art guidance, steering, and application control.


The MaveriX application software includes a new user interface that provides an innovative tablet-like user experience with improved 3D graphics. The included adjustable widgets give users the freedom to customize their UI experience.


“The announcement and the upcoming release of our new MaveriX solution is a key milestone for the Outback Guidance business and our loyal customer base, said Jeff Farrar, General Manager of Outback Guidance. We are looking forward to building the Next Generation of Outback success for our customers on this new platform.”


Included with MaveriX, the new M7 and M10 terminals with proven 7” and 10” form factors are the centerpiece of the solution. The M-series terminals deliver the latest display technology and provide an enhanced situational awareness for users and preferred features like auto-scaling and pinch-to-zoom capabilities.


The MaveriX solution provides superior centimeter-level performance via the new eDriveM1 steering controller.


The eDriveM1 offers AB Straight, AB Contour, Freeform Contour, and Circle Pivot guidance modes and supports Shuttle Shift, Reverse Steer, and the Outback Guidance eTurns feature for automated headland turns. The eDriveM1 can be paired with the proven ESi2 Electric Wheel, existing OEM Steer Ready, or hydraulic retrofit interfaces. Outback Guidance continues to offer machine specific installation kits for over 1500 machine models.


The A631 GNSS Smart Antenna delivers unmatched GNSS performance at scalable accuracy levels using RTK, SBAS, and Hemisphere’s Atlas L-Band service. The A631 supports RTK Base functionality when paired with the Outback RTK radio option.


The powerful MaveriX technology platform supports the AC110 Rate and Section control to maximize your implement functions during planting, spraying, and application tasks.


The new MaveriX Precision Ag Solution is on display at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL, USA, from August 31st to September 2nd, 2021, at booth #1140. For more information about the all-new MaveriX Precision Ag Solution, go to www.OutbackMaveriX.com.


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