Health and safety master class offered to all UK businesses

Winter & Company Managing Director Mitchell Winter (TechIOSH) says while the Health and Safety Executive has produced guides on health and safety covering each business sector, calling in experts can significantly cut down the time firms need to spend on red tape, and consequently save them money.

Many companies are spending too much time and effort on compliance because they do not fully understand what is required of them, according to a recent report by the Better Regulation Executive.

“The average company spends an estimated 20 hours a year, or more than £350, on administration needed to meet health and safety requirements – that’s over £300m a year for small businesses alone!” Mitchell adds.

Businesses such as Winter and Company offer bespoke advice to help small, medium and large firms comply with all necessary health and safety requirements.

Winter & Company’s one-day workshop identifies areas of vulnerability and covers the following areas:

* Corporate Manslaughter and how it affects your Organisation: Areas of Vulnerability.
* Fire Safety: Living with The Regulatory Reform (Fire) Safety Order 2005.
* Appointing and Managing Contractors: Vicarious liability, Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
* Work Related Stress, Disability and Medical conditions vs Human Resources, procedures and best practice.
* Driving on Business: Your legal responsibilities and areas of vulnerability.
* Managing Risk: Your Statutory Responsibilities and fulfilling the same.
* Workstation Safety: Dealing with and managing Repetitive Strain injuries and Work Related Upper Limb Disorders.
* Manual Handling: Reducing back injuries at work, procedures and best practice.

Businesses can book on-line by visiting www.health-safety.net or directly on this freephone number: 0800 169 1554.

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