海蓝德(JF Hillebrand) 更名和175周年纪念 为雄心勃勃的未来增长计划奠定了坚实的基础




JF Hillebrand, the world’s leading logistics provider to the beverage industry, today launches a major rebrand as it streamlines its affiliated companies for an enhanced customer experience in its 175th year.


With the rebrand comes a commitment to further building its global operation and plans to grow organically and with a clear path for growth through acquisitions, affirming the company as the global leading service provider in the forwarding, transport and logistics of beer, wine and spirits (BWS) and other products that require special care in transport.

重新命名后,公司将致力於进一步扩展全球业务,计划通过并购实现内部增长,并为发展提供清晰的增长之路,从而在啤酒、葡萄酒和烈酒以及需要特殊护理产品的运输和物流领域中奠定了全球领先服务供应商的地位 (BWS)


The firm, formerly JF Hillebrand, now relaunches as Hillebrand, unifying previously acquired companies Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics and Satellite Logistics Group (SLG) into one core brand for a stronger identity, Hillebrand. The unification enables Hillebrand to present its specialized logistic solutions under one name.

公司的前身为JF Hillebrand,现在改名为Hillebrand,将先前收购的公司Trans Ocean Bulk LogisticsSatellite Logistics GroupSLG)统一为一个核心品牌,即Hillebrand。统一使Hillebrand能够以一种名称展示其专业的物流解决方案。



All three companies serve the beverage industry with an unrivalled reputation, with JF Hillebrand leading on cased and bulk alcoholic beverages, Trans Ocean for bulk solutions and flexitank engineering and SLG for keg management for the brewing sector. Research by BBDO shows that all three companies were ranked as the most knowledgeable in their respected fields by their customers, when compared to their rivals.

这三家公司均以无与伦比的声誉为饮料行业提供物流服务,其中JF Hillebrand在领导罐装及散装酒精饮料的物流业务开发,Trans Ocean提供散装液体物流解决方案和液袋(Flexitank)的工程技术,SLG则为啤酒酿造行业的啤酒罐管理。 BBDO的研究表明,与竞争对手相比,这三家公司在行内均被认为最具知识丰富的公司。



Hillebrand will continue to focus on creating effective solutions to solve the evolving needs of its customers, through technology, advancing end-to-end solutions and expanding its use of digitisation. Highlights of which can be seen in their new website www.hillebrand.com.

Hillebrand将继续专注於创建有效的解决方案,以透过先进技术,推进端到端解决方案并扩大其数字化用途来解决其客户不断变化的需求。 可以在新网站www.hillebrand.com上看到其要点。


Meanwhile, the company’s new strapline ‘Forwarding Passion’ reflects both its founding purpose and longstanding position in the freight forwarding industry and its commitment to its customers to safeguard the quality and value of their products. It also reflects the passion of its workforce and the strategy used to seek growth.

同时,公司新品牌的副标题为“ Forwarding Passion”反映了其在货运代理行业的创立宗旨和长期地位,以及其对客户维护其产品质量和价值的承诺。还反映了其员工的热情以及勇於寻求增长的战略。


CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Hillebrand, Cees van Gent, said, “Unifying our brands combines the passion and knowledge housed within Hillebrand.  We’re unrivalled in experience and now extend our expertise to more products that require special care.”

海蓝德首席执行官兼执行董事会主席Cees van Gent表示:统一我们的品牌结合了海蓝德的热情和知识。我们拥有无与伦比的经验,现在将我们的专业知识扩展到更多需要特殊护理的产品。


“Our mission is to deliver liquids and, adjacent to that, other sensitive products in a reliable way, with ultimate care, in the shortest possible transit times and always with a personable and friendly service. This is why our customers value us. Bringing our brands together makes us a stronger team and lays the foundations for an even stronger future.”

 “我们的使命是在最短的运输时间内,以始终如一的人性化和友好的服务,以关怀、 可靠的方式输送液体饮料、特殊护理产品以及相关产品。这就是我们的客户重视我们的原因。将我们的品牌集成在一起,使我们拥有更强大的团队,并为更美好的未来奠定了基础。




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Notes to editor:

Hillebrand acquired Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics in 2008, creating the JF Hillebrand Group, while SLG was bought in 2013. SLG is a supply chain specialist with a large domestic and global network of distributors and consolidation hubs facilitating the efficient collection and return of kegs. It owns Kegspediter, the industry’s leading keg management solution, which will retain its name. It is an expert in managing the supply chain for brewers of any size.


Hillebrand2008年收购了Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics,创建了JF Hillebrand Group,而SLG则於2013年被收购。SLG是供应链专家,拥有庞大的国内外分销网络和物流中心,可促进啤酒罐的高效收集和回收。它拥有行业领先的啤酒罐管理解决方案Kegspediter,并将保留其名称。它是管理各种规模啤酒制造商供应链的专家。

Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics has provided non-hazardous bulk liquid-transportation since 1984. It is market-leading in the design, manufacture and use of Flexitanks to deliver reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to meet the requirements of customers. The three brands together bring unrivalled expertise in bulk, bottled and flexitank transportation to Hillebrand’s international customers.

1984年以来,Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics就提供了非危险品的散装液体物流以及在液袋(Flexitanks)在设计、制造和使用方面处於市场领先地位,并提供可靠、可持续和具有成本效益的解决方案,以满足客户的需求。这三个品牌共同为Hillebrand的国际客户带来了在散装,瓶装和液体液袋运输方面提供无与伦比的专业知识和服务。


Hillebrand was founded in 1844 in Mainz, Germany. The company is the global leading service provider in the forwarding, transport and logistics of wine, spirits, beer and, adjacent to that, other products that require special care. Through its global carrier network Hillebrand manages logistics and transport for any quantity from a single bottle to bulk, from all origins to all destinations, for all modalities. The Group is known for its tailor-made solutions to improve efficiency in its customers’ supply chain. Hillebrand generates revenues of EUR 1.3 Billion with a team of 2,200 professionals located in 90 countries.


Hillebrand1844年在德国美因兹成立。该公司是葡萄酒、烈酒、啤酒以及其他需要特別护理的产品货运代理,运输和物流更是全球领先服务供应商。 Hillebrand通过全球营运商网络,管理从单瓶到散装,从所有起点到所有目的地,所有方式的任何数量的物流和运输。该集团以其量身定制的解决方案以提高客户供应链的效率而闻名。 Hillebrand在全球90个国家/地区拥有2200名专业人员,其收入达13亿欧元。