Habitat for Humanity uses COBOD’s 3D construction printer to print affordable housing in Arizona



  • The new 3D-printed house project is a single-family house with three bedrooms and two baths
  • Habitat and the city of Tempe, AZ, see this as a possible solution to the lack of affordable housing
  • This is not a demonstration home – a Habitat selected family will live there
  • Project is carried out with many local partners and PERI using the successful BOD2 printer from COBOD
  • COBOD’s 3DCP printers have now made printed buildings in two different US states
  • You can see a report on it here.


In the face of an acute affordable housing shortage, Habitat is looking for scalable, affordable home-ownership solutions – a game changer. The lack of affordable housing in the Phoenix metro is at an all-time high and Habitat continues to explore innovative ways to address the critical issue.


This is really a moonshot opportunity for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona,” said Jason Barlow, president, and CEO of Habitat Central Arizona. “When we consider the housing issues facing Arizona, the need for affordable homeownership solutions becomes clear. If we can deliver decent, affordable, more energy-efficient homes at less cost, in less time, and with less waste, we think that could be a real game-changer. Just think of the implications.”


The single-family house has a livable space of 1,722 square feet (160qm). The home is expected to be ready for occupancy in August/September and will be printed with COBOD’s modular BOD2 3D construction printer with a size of 40*50*25 feet (w*l*h). The building is in Tempe, Arizona, and was designed by Candelaria Design Associates, LLC.


To print the project, Habitat for Humanity chose to cooperate with PERI, among others, due to PERI’s experience with making two and three floors 3D printed buildings in Europe, also with COBOD printers.


Our PERI 3D construction printing team is incredibly proud to print this home in Tempe for Habitat for Humanity,” said Thomas Imbacher, managing director innovation and marketing of the PERI Group. “In 2020, PERI realized the first- ever 3D-printed house in Germany with a COBOD BOD2 printer, followed shortly afterward by the largest 3D-printed apartment building in Europe to date. The 3D-printing project in Tempe is now continuing this success story in the USA.”


The use of COBOD’s BOD2 printer in Arizona follows, that COBOD’s BOD2 printer was also behind the first 3D printed building in Florida in January this year made by Printed Farms. Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and General Manager of COBOD said: “Our 3D construction technology and printers have enjoyed immense success in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia. Obviously, due to our long-term cooperation with GE, we have some success with US customers also. Still, we are really pleased that our printers are now beginning to make a stronger inroad into the US construction market. More and more US companies realize that our technology is superior to what local suppliers can deliver. Our printers have done buildings in two US states now and more will follow in the coming months”.


For further information, please contact:


Jakov Ravlic, Communications Manager, COBOD International A/S, mobile: +45 6058 7377 or email: jr@cobod.com

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder, COBOD International A/S, mobile; +45 2447 7337 or e-mail: hln@cobod.com

Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Head of 3D printing, Peri Group, mobile; +49 171 38 655 72 or email: Fabian.Meyer-Broetz@peri.de

Photos and illustrations can be used freely by media. Source: Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity’s first 3D printed house is being made by COBOD’s globally successful BOD2 printer