Gunnebo Acquires Spanish Cash Handling Company Grupo Sallén

Grupo Sallén is a leading supplier of cash handling products primarily sold through CIT (Cash In Transit) into the bank and retail sector. The group was founded in 1988, has an annual turnover of €14 million and 50 employees. Sallén has a global customer base, where the majority of sales today is made in Europe.

“The acquisition of Grupo Sallén is in line with Gunnebo’s strategic agenda to grow cash handling,” comments Gunnebo’s President & CEO, Henrik Lange. “Sallén will provide Gunnebo with key technology which will support the development of Gunnebo’s offering and strengthen our global proposition to the CIT, bank and retail market segments.”

Grupo Sallén will be consolidated in Gunnebo’s accounts during the third quarter of 2015, and is expected to make a positive contribution to the Group’s results in 2015.


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The Gunnebo Security Group is a global leader in security products, services and solutions with an offering covering cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance security and electronic security for banks, retail, CIT, mass transit, public & commercial buildings and industrial & high-risk sites.

The Group has an annual turnover of €610 million, employs 5,700 people and has sales companies in 32 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas as well as Channel Partners on over 100 additional markets.

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