Gt Motive signs a strategic alliance with American company Mitchell International

The company expects to complete the operation in December subject to the approval of the Spanish Antitrust Agency This alliance will allow the companies to approach challenges in an unprecedented manner. The Einsa Group will remain the major shareholder in this alliance and the current management team will continue to lead the project. Gt Motive will use the American-leading communication and workflow platforms and management systems, which have never been used in Europe before, as well as additional financial resources for adapting these products to the markets, thus introducing Gt Motive in new countries, and investing in internal developments for current products. Founded more than 65 years ago, Mitchell is the leading North American company for accident management (both relating to property and people) for the technology solutions sector in the USA, as well as in Canada. Mitchell processes more than 50 million transactions per year through more than 300 insurers and claims companies, as well as 30,000 garages that are included as clients. Mitchell has more than 1,700 employees. Angel Martinez, Chief Executive of GT Motive, says: “We are very pleased and excited to be able to work with a company like Mitchell for our project. Apart from their impressive figures, we have also assessed them on a number of criteria we considered definitive factors for deciding the partners with which we wanted to associate ourselves. We have found many similarities between our companies’ cultures, especially in terms of understanding business as well as Client and Employee relations. The overlap of objectives regarding the development of an ambitious international strategy allows us to present a powerful and vital alternative in the market. The complementary nature of our solutions, the combination of Gt Motive’s database and valuation tools specialists and Mitchell International’s solutions specialists optimise the complete process of accident management and vehicle repair. The capacity for evolving corporal accident management by using unparalleled methods and sophisticated processes developed for property accident management.” Alex Sun, President and CEO of Mitchell International, comments on the collaboration: “We are very excited to work with a great team, as well as Gt Motive’s leading products in the post-sales industry. The Gt Motive’s investment allows us to collectively advance innovative solutions for our respective markets in order to help our clients restore the lives of their customers after a challenging, and potentially life-changing, event.” About Gt Motive Gt Motive is an Einsa Group technology company founded in 1971, which provides database software and communication platforms to insurers, automotive repair garages and vehicle rental companies. Though its services, Gt Motive allows the client to know their vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Gt Motive’s tools and solutions are used in more than 12,500 garages and 70 insurance, rental and maintenance warranty companies. Approximately 26,000 users and 5,000 experts use Gt Motive’s services daily. Gt Motive has a team of 220 employees and is present in Spain, France and Portugal. For more information about Gt Motive, visit About Mitchell Mitchell helps its clients achieve appreciably better results. It provides a wide range of unprecedented technology and connection solutions, as well as informational solutions for personal and property damage claims for collision repair industries. Mitchell is the only company capable of simplifying and accelerating accident management and the processes of collision damage repair. As a leading provider in technology solutions for personal and property damage claims, Mitchell processes more than 50 million transactions annually for more than 300 insurance companies and claims managers, as well as more than 30,000 collision repair garages throughout North America. Founded in 1946, Mitchell is headquartered in San Diego, California and has 1,700 employees. The company principally belongs to Aurora Capital Group, an investment group headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information about Mitchell, visit Miguel Sánchez GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGER GT MOTIVE Tel: +34 627 350 458 Email: [email protected] ENDS