Groupe Eurotunnel SE Appoints Philippe de Lagune as Chief Operating Officer – Safety and Ethics

Philippe de Lagune previously held the post of French Safety Coordinator for the London 2012 Olympic Games; he was responsible for the safety of the vitally important Channel Tunnel site. Before joining the Eurotunnel Group in September 2013 as Safety and Ethics Director he had been working at the request of the French Prime Minister on the reception scheme for Afghan interpreters working for the French armed forces.

A lawyer, called to the Bar in Paris, Philippe de Lagune was appointed as senior official with the National Police and held a number of field positions with the Judicial Police at the Quai des Orfèvres and then as Technical Advisor to the Préfecture de Police de Paris and Advisor to the Director General of the National Police at the French Home Office.

He has also served in the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Ministry.

Appointed Préfet de Police in Corsica in 2003, he subsequently held a number of posts as department Préfet and with responsibilities to central government at ministerial level.

He is member of the Group Executive Committee.

Mr de Lagune has been decorated with the awards of Officer of the Légion d’Honneur and Officer of the Order of Merit.


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