goSupermodel launches a crowdfunding campaign as a way to bring the game back to life again



In 2006 the Danish company watAgame launched an online community game about supermodels. goSupermodel was born and its popularity skyrocketed. goSupermodel gathered more than 30 million registered profiles primarily from Northern Europe, before it was closed down in 2016. 


The company behind, currently known as Momio ApS, now wants to bring back goSupermodel after years of massive feedback from previous users of the game. The way they want to do it is by launching a crowdfunding campaign to get financial backup from old and potential new users of goSupermodel to be able to restore and bring the game back to life.


“Since goSupermodel was closed back in 2016, we have received many emails and messages on our social media channels, from previous goSupermodel users who have been begging us to bring back the online community. Users have also created their own Facebook groups, online forums as well as several petitions with the purpose of getting support to bring back goSupermodel,” says Camilla Tangre, Head of Social Media & Trust & Safety at Momio.


Momio believed for a long time that all the code and all the assets were long gone but recently decided to try and do a last dig into the past to see if there ever could be a chance to bring back goSupermodel. “We had found a lot, but not all, of all the old assets, making it possible to restore most of the game and its functionalities,” says Rikke Møgelvang, Momio’s CEO.


Bringing goSupermodel back again represents a significant investment and risk. With fewer resources than in the glory days of goSupermodel funding is simply required. “The code has been dormant for nearly seven years. Therefore we need to make significant changes to get goSupermodel into a state where we can launch it again“, Søren Winter Madsen, Momio’s CTO, explains. 


The crowdfunding campaign is officially launched today at 10 a.m. on Indiegogo and is to run for a period of 4 weeks. Read more about the Indiegogo campaign and goSupermodel here: https://igg.me/at/gosupermodel



Contact information

Rikke Møgelvang, CEO, Phone +4528878833. Email: [email protected]

 Søren Wither Madsen, CTO. Email: [email protected]

Camilla Tangre, Head of Trust & Safety, Phone: +4799379238. Email: [email protected]


About Momio ApS: 


Momio ApS, previously known as watAgame ApS, is the company behind goSupermodel and Momio. When goSupermodel was closed down in 2016 the company changed its name to Momio ApS. Read more about the company here: https://www.company.momio.me & https://www.gosupermodel.com