Good Clean Love Supports Breast Cancer Awareness – Fighting the Good Fight

Organic personal intimacy products provide an essential alternative to the petro-chemical and paraben laden products which make up over 90% of the OTC and adult product markets.

These primary petro-chemicals were created for industrial uses such as brake fluid, not for the human body. Not only can these chemicals cause severe allergic reactions and irritation to sensitive tissues, but they have been deemed potentially carcinogenic and linked to some forms of breast cancer.

The fight against breast cancer is a fight that effects us all, as the numbers of women affected includes over 2.5 million surviving women and continues to impact one in eight women. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women exceeded only by lung cancer.

Environmental impacts on the incidence of cancer are what inspired the research arm of the breast cancer’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The Campaign has cited the use of parabens in products and has asked manufacturers to discontinue their use as they are found in breast cancerous tissue. As a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Good Clean Love is dedicated to producing the cleanest and healthiest intimacy products on the market.

Our organic lubricants are free from damaging petro-chemicals and parabens and use a unique organic formula that mimics the natural lubrication produced by the human body. This is pivotal in creating a lubrication that is clean, healthy and best of all works with the body to heal sensitive tissues.

Many breast cancer survivors are able to tolerate our products on their most sensitive tissues.

Focusing the discussion on the ingredients in personal care products is long overdue and including personal intimacy products in that discussion is critical. Battling breast cancer or sharing that fight with family and friends should inspire us all to provide clean, healthy and natural products that promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the exposure to petrochemical and paraben based products for personal care.

This month is offering a special sale on selected items, 10% of the proceeds will benefit The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a research extension of Breast Cancer Organization. For more information on healthy and sustainable choices in personal intimacy products or for a complete press kit, please contact: [email protected].

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