GlobalPlatform TEE Hackathon Launches in Silicon Valley

Developers are invited to compete for cash prizes and the chance to present their trusted applications to a specialized audience which is engaged in the development, expansion and promotion of TEE technologies and use cases.

TEEs are found in a wide range of internet-connected devices – for example, TEEs are becoming standard in Android devices to enable and secure biometric authentication functionality and IoT devices like set-top boxes for privacy – to ensure that sensitive applications and data are stored, processed and protected. Developers around the world now have access to the security, confidentiality, authenticity, privacy, system integrity and data access restrictions that this technology can offer their applications. More information about TEE can be found in TEE made simple guide.

GlobalPlatform’s inaugural TEE hackathon will take place October 7-9, 2016 at GSVlabs in Redwood City, California. The event will give developers insight into the potential of TEE technology to secure and protect sensitive applications and data within connected devices. The theme of the TEE hackathon is “Code and compete for connected device security!”

After an initial idea generation and team formation session on Friday October 7, teams will be given 48 hours to create proof-of-concept applications. Sequitur Labs will provide Raspberry Pi 3B devices for each team to take home, Bus Blaster debugger, a full software development environment with OP-TEE and on-site support.

At the end of day two, teams will demo their applications to the judges and three winners will be selected. These teams will be given free passes to attend GlobalPlatform’s 4th Annual TEE conference on 13 October, where they will be invited on-stage to present their prototypes to a 200-strong delegation of the industry’s key stakeholders before the grand prize of $5000 is presented by Samsung. The second place and third place finalist will be awarded $2500 and $1500 respectfully.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for developers to demonstrate their expertise, explore this exciting technology and win cash prizes. It’s going to be great,” comments Hank Chavers, Technical Program Manager at GlobalPlatform. “Presenting at the conference gives the finalists the chance to show what they can do to a full house of TEE experts, solution developers, software vendors, device manufacturers and mobile network operators from around the world.

“The TEE is already being used to protect premium content, mobile payments credentials and IoT deployments, but its potential is much, much broader. It’s going to be fascinating to see what the developers come up with. We’ll see you in Silicon Valley!”

The hackathon is part of the association’s ‘GlobalPlatform for Developers’ initiative. The initiative reflects a commitment from the organization to provide the developer community with tools, training, support and resources which will enhance understanding, familiarity and access to GlobalPlatform technologies. The hackathon will allow technology experts and some of the world’s best developers to come together and explore the possibilities and use cases of TEE technology.

Visit the event website for an introduction to GlobalPlatform’s work and specifications, or for more information on the TEE.

Space is limited so register now.



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