Global cities, business leaders and social entrepreneurs meet in Eindhoven to exchange the latest solutions to society’s problems

Living Labs Global ( a non-profit association to promote digital service innovation in cities, has partnered with the city of Eindhoven to hold their 15th Summit on Service Innovation in the city, a pioneer in implementing new approaches to becoming a zero emission community, the world’s most interactive urban lighting system, and a healthy city in which citizens have latest technologies at their disposal to maintain a high quality of life even when suffering from chronic diseases. Representatives of New York City, Barcelona, Stockholm and international non-profit organisations including Ashoka will meet business leaders and social entrepreneurs that are solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. Next to major corporations such as Oracle, Philips, and Suez a rich community of international smaller businesses with cutting-edge solutions for some of society’s major challenges will participate in the extensive debates, networking and visioning workshops. Highlights of the programme include New York City sharing presenting its Active Design Guidelines connecting health research and architecture to citizens more physically active and healthy; the “What if…” workshop on the creative, social and resource opportunities of new urban lighting technologies being implemented in the Strijp-S district led by Philips Design; Finland’s Lappset demonstrating latest developments in linking smartphones to its interactive playgrounds to promote physical activity for all ages from 0-100; and Ashoka sharing their perspective in supporting 3,500 social entrepreneurs in 60 countries to tackle a wide range of social challenges in cities. Alderman for Innovation, Culture and Public Space, Mary-Ann Schreurs, says: “To improve the life for everyone, in the new world that is developing today, we are busy creating a Caring Society. With enormous progress in the fields of care, education and sustainability, all connected with economic growth, as a result. And the beauty of it all is that in the end people have more ownership of their own life.” Sascha Haselmayer, General Director of Living Labs Global said: “New solutions connecting technology, leadership and new business thinking can unleash entirely new approaches to improving the lives of our citizens even at times of economic crisis. We are grateful to work with Eindhoven, to show how local challenges can be turned into global opportunities for new technologies, entrepreneurs and creative solutions.” About Living Labs Global Living Labs Global is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen (Denmark) working with some 50 global cities and more than 450 companies and innovation centres to promote innovation to transform services in cities. Today, the global market for innovative solutions to healthcare, learning, transport, social inclusion, tourism and other services in cities is obscured by lack of knowledge about international experiences, technologies and new business ideas. Living Labs Global strives to collect and present solutions that make cities more attractive, inclusive, efficient and diverse in the showcase. Participation is free of charge, providing recognition, visibility and new project opportunities. Endorsements of Living Labs Global can be found here: Twitter Newsfeed: Note: A PDF of this release is available here. Press Contact For further information, please contact ENDS