Giraffic AVA™ for Content Providers Brings the Next Level of Consumer Viewing Experience

The company’s new SDK makes it easy to integrate AVA with apps, enabling superb viewing experiences as video content consumption migrates to mobile platforms and Over-the-Top (OTT) services.

The Giraffic AVA software solution has been adopted by leading consumer electronics manufacturers, including Samsung and LG, and installed in over 70 million SmartTVs, set-top boxes (STBs) and other CE devices to overcome the limitations created by unstable Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Giraffic examined their install base and found that more than 20% of premium HD subscribers to OTT apps encountered buffering pauses during video playback without AVA, despite the growing adoption of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR). Some premium content viewers were able to achieve HD quality over only two-thirds of the video playback.

“Online video consumption is surging, with subscription online video viewing projected to double over the next five years, reaching more than 143 billion views per year globally,” noted Dan Cryan, senior director of media and content at IHS Markit. “This growth will put increasing pressure on the network, which was not originally designed for video delivery. At the same time the market is getting more competitive for service providers. IHS Markit tracks over 570 active SVOD services worldwide, an increase of 46% over 2014. In this environment, delivering a high-quality viewing experience will only become more important, as consumers already have a low tolerance to stick with services where video quality suffers.”*

With a simple integration of Giraffic’s SDK into their apps, content providers can leverage AVA to deliver sustainable and consistent streams of premium HD and UHD 4K VOD content, high-profile live-streaming events, and OTT channels without server or network side integration. This leads to increased viewer retention, engagement and satisfaction, while reducing support costs. AVA technology enables this by achieving significantly higher throughput over existing internet connections, as well as providing up to 300% longer viewing periods at the highest quality resolution available. It also eliminates buffering pauses, low-resolution image quality and latency frequently experienced on mobile devices through efficient use of bandwidth and HTTP optimization.

“The number of users watching video on their smartphones increased by 71% over the last four years, and will only grow as live streaming becomes pervasive across nearly all areas of content consumption,” said Yoel Zanger, CEO of Giraffic. “The network in its current congested state is ill equipped to handle high-quality live and VOD streams, especially when distributed to so many users at once. Our technology improves the network to help OEMs, and now content providers, provide the best quality streams regardless of the environment.”

Demos of the SDK for content providers will be held at the IBC conference in Amsterdam (by appointment only). To schedule a demo on live streaming and VOD, please contact: [email protected].

For more information on the new SDK for Mobile AVA and Giraffic technologies visit www.giraffic.com.

About Giraffic

Giraffic is the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) – the leading client-side video experience technology, complementing the existing video delivery ecosystem, that enables over 70 million consumer electronics (CE) devices across 120 countries, to deliver High Definition video and UHD 4K, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. Powering 1 in 3 Smart TVs that were shipped globally in 2015, including LG and Samsung, Giraffic’s ground-breaking technology has been adopted by the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers to provide dramatic Internet throughput increase and a seamless video playback experience. Giraffic’s suite of products includes Live AVA™, TV AVA™, Mobile AVA™ and is available in the next generation of CE devices, including Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones.

*Information based on IHS Markit Technology Broadband Media Intelligence, 2016. Information is not an endorsement of Giraffic Technologies Ltd. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk. Visit www.technology.ihs.com for more details.


Inna Zagrebelny
Marketing Manager

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