A Giant is Born: mediestoc.com

The new online market place that is reshaping pharmaceutical distribution with a new operating model, more European, spontaneous, free and open

The new platform, which charges no access fee, is directed at professionals and can only be accessed once licenses issued by a competent health authority have been validated. Mediestoc.com will open up a new, real-time meeting point for pharmaceutical distribution. Healthcare professionals will be able to trade all most all products now available on the market in Europe, with special emphasis on medicinal products for human and veterinary use.

The Irish start-up has developed a structure and legal framework that will allow it to provide its services through its health care facilities in the Netherlands under the name Civic. These facilities have been authorised to distribute all pharmaceutical products that will be traded through mediestoc.com and has also been issued an authorisation to re-package products (GMP), a service that it will offer to all its users during its second phase.

On the 25th of January 2016 it will be at the disposition of professional users within the pharmaceutical sector and will allow the purchase and sale of products. Apart from this principal activity, it will also offer practical and innovative services to its users that will change the way they do business through the new online marketplace.

mediestoc.com is directed at health care professionals from pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, distributors, manufacturers, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes as well as, veterinary professionals from clinics, livestock producers and zoos , all authorised within european countries.

The pharmaceutical products to be traded through the platform include the following: medicinal products for both human and veterinary use; refrigerated medicinal products; health care products (those dispensed from pharmacies or for hospital or surgical use); optical, orthopaedic, and medical devices; para-pharmacy products such as personal hygiene, cosmetics, child and baby care or natural products; dietary and nutritional products, including sports nutrition and herbalist products.

It will act as an online marketplace where two parties can interact autonomously. Transactions will be subject to a variable rate starting at a maximum of 3.3 % and which can fall to a minimum of 1.6 % depending on repetition, frequency, sales figures and efficiency of use.

The new platform will receive payment and organise the pick-up of stock, at which time the transaction will take place. The seller will be paid (within 48 hours from the time the goods are shipped) and the buyer will be guaranteed delivery of their purchase (within 5 days of the online purchase). Secure, agile and efficient. It’s that easy.

A special feature of the site is the anonymity it offers to users, both as buyers and sellers. Professionals who use mediestoc.com will only be identified by health care or pharmaceutical activity and country of origin (Pharmacy Norway; Distributor UK; Manufacturer Romania). This anonymity will allow users to operate without risk and will bypass traditional models which rely on established contacts within the sector. Mediestoc.com will give priority to what you have available or what you are looking for, how much it costs and how soon you need it.

mediestoc.com allows a user to stock up at regular and periodic intervals to maintain stock levels and to improve the planning of their purchases. They can also offer their stock to more clients in order to increase profits and also to improve and widen their Business in other markets.

mediestoc.com will allow users to stock up at regular and periodic intervals to maintain stock levels and to improve the planning of their purchases. They can also offer their stock to new clients, make the most of the lines that they have in their portfolios and discover new business opportunities in other markets.

Pharmacies will be able to find better deals on products, both from domestic and European suppliers (consult a professional pharmacist for product categories that can be directly imported) without intrusions at their pharmacy and without having to rely on the limited product portfolios and prices offered through a local distributor or cooperative. We allow pharmacies to operate without geographical or logistical barriers and open up their business by facilitating direct access to stock throughout the whole European Union. Another innovation is the facility through which pharmacies can create collective, online purchasing groups with other national or European pharmacies through a simple online agreement (only for specific product categories) in order to get better deals and increase profit margins.

Distributors will be able to organise and participate in online auctions, complete and sell products in small batches and sell off nearly expired stock quickly. Currently, many distributors are experiencing a backlog of small batches of stock which eat into their profits when unsold.

Manufacturers, under any product category, can increase their wholesale sales to any distributor or any collective pharmacy purchasing group and their retail sales to any authorised user. If a manufacturer decides to market their products to any domestic or European pharmacy (they can supply any and all products that do not require a license or re-packaging) they will have new online solutions at their disposal without complicated sales structures or multiple local distribution agreements.

Tyrone Lynch
Press & Project Coordinator UE

“mediestoc.com allows users to expand their business interests, without further investment in record time and provides the tools to increase performance in the European health care market”. 
M.Moles, CEO


Tyrone Lynch
Press & Project Coordinator UE
[email protected]