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Why Do You Need An Emotional Support Animal?

People need an emotional support animal to help them cope with certain situations and other debilitating issues that could normally be emotionally troubling or even deadly. In fact, approximately 25% of American adults are living with qualified medical issues that would allow them to register an emotional support animal. Conditions that qualify for an ESA Letter include certain phobias, severe anxiety or stress, mood disorders, and chronic depression among many others.

Are ESA Letters Only For Dogs?

ESA Letters can be provided for any pet that has an emotional connection to its owner. Although dogs are known as “man’s best friend” and have notoriously been the subject of many ESA Letters, many other pets have also been qualified as emotional support animals. In fact, some people who are planning to adopt a pet may also qualify to receive a recommendation from our licensed medical doctor for an ESA Letter. Emotional Support Animals are not service animals, so they do not need to qualify or pass service animal training.

Once you provide to eligible documentation about your diagnosis to our doctor during your online appointment through our telehealth platform, our doctor will evaluate and verify your information discuss your condition with you, and then recommend (write a letter) for the necessity of an emotional support animal.

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