Genomic Vision Launches EasyScan, the First Digital Service for Analyzing DNA by Molecular Combing

Designed to meet the needs of researchers studying DNA replication, this new service will allow them to benefit, without leaving their laboratory, from the powerful technologies developed by Genomic Vision for the visualization and detection of combed DNA fibers and the measurement of dynamic parameters for DNA replication. More generally, it allows the automatization of each stage of DNA replication analysis. Researchers send their samples to Genomic Vision and have secure direct online access to their results.

With EasyScan, Genomic Vision is generalizing access to its innovative technologies by opening up its laboratory. Researchers will now be able to benefit remotely from the automated molecular combing platform, FiberVision® and the FiberStudio software, via the Company’s WebApp. This powerful software has been specifically developed by Genomic Vision for the analysis of the results of molecular combing. It allows the detection, measurement and interpretation of hybridization and signs of replication on the combed DNA.

Every sample that is received is recorded and tied to a privatized client account in the EasyScan database, thus guaranteeing its traceability throughout the process. Once they have been scanned and analyzed, the results are immediately accessible so that they can be studied via secure access to Genomic Vision’s WebApp. The results are also securely stored there.

Professor Nick Rhind (University of Massachusetts Medical School), adds: “The EasyScan platform is a great advance in molecular combing that should bring the technology within the reach of many more labs. The automated scanning and direct access to our data on Genomic Vision’s WebApp make our experiments much faster and more efficient.”

A solution that addresses the needs of many clients.

« In many laboratories around the world, researchers spend long hours, or even many days, observing their microscope slides and performing the measurements necessary to their studies. By offering them EasyScan, Genomic Vision allows them to concentrate on the essentials, their experimentations and results in a few hours.» explains David Del Bourgo, Genomic Vision’s.Director of Sales and Marketing.

For Genomic Vision, EasyScan’s launch confirms its commercial expansion within its strategy targeting the LSRT market.
EasyScan represents an additional step in Genomic Vision’s strategy on the LSRT market, particularly in the field of replication, for which Genomic Vision offers a panel of strong, fast and extremely reliable technologies. ”, concludes Aaron Bensimon, Genomic Vision’s co-founder and Chairman.


Founded in 2004, Genomic Vision is a DNA molecular combing specialist that develops tests for the diagnostics market and tools for the life sciences research market. Using its innovative technology that allows the direct visualization of individual DNA molecules, Genomic Vision detects quantitative and qualitative variations in the genome that are at the origin of numerous serious pathologies. The Company is developing a solid portfolio of tests that initially target breast and colon cancers. Since 2013, the Company has marketed the CombHelix FSHD test for identifying facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD), a myopathy that is difficult to detect. It is marketed in the United States through a strategic alliance with Quest Diagnostics, the American leader in diagnostic laboratory tests, and in France directly by the Company. Genomic Vision has been listed on Compartment C of Euronext Paris since April 2014.


DNA molecular combing technology significantly improves the structural and functional analysis of DNA molecules. DNA fibers are stretched over glass slides, as if “combed”, and uniformly aligned over the entire surface. It is then possible to identify genetic anomalies by locating specific genes or sequences in the patient’s genome using genetic markers, a technique developed by Genomic Vision and patented under the name Genomic Morse Code. This exploration of the entire genome at high resolution via a simple analysis enables the direct visualization of genetic anomalies that are undetectable by other technologies.

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