Gemperle Farms Donates 8 Million Eggs Since 2000 to California’s Central Valley Charities

Gemperle Family Farms donates between 350,000 and 500,000 eggs each year. More than 75% of those eggs go to United Samaritans Foundation and its affiliates, Hilmar Helping Hands, Turlock Together, and Salvation Army.

“We receive 450 dozen eggs a week from Gemperle Farms. We use them to make egg salad sandwiches every Tuesday. We have many stories to tell that are heartwarming about our egg salad sandwiches. Everyone remembers them,” said Bev Hatcher, Executive Director, United Samaritans Foundation.

Eggs are one of the best sources of affordable, high quality protein. More than half the protein is found in the egg white. One large egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of vitamins D, B6, B12, Zinc, Iron, Choline and Selenium.

These are rich nutrients that can help both children and adults stay healthy with less sickness and days lost at work and school. In parts of the world where chronic hunger is a frequent factor, people often eat an egg a day to maintain good nutrition.

The United Samaritans Foundation was co-founded in 1994 by Ernie Gemperle with the mission to deliver food to people in need in Stanislaus County. The foundation also facilitates services to assist people in transitioning to a better quality of life.

United Samaritans operates a lunch truck program, food pantry, senior lunch program, homeless services and a clothes closet.

“The problem with poverty and food insecurity is great in our Central Valley. One in five children live in poverty. Here we are the Bread Basket of the World and there are people who just get by every day,” Hatcher said.

United Samaritans’ Daily Bread Ministry lunch trucks serve a little under 400,000 meals every year. Their emergency Food Boxes serve over 33,000 meals including eggs every year. The foundation believes they could not achieve this without the support of Gemperle Farms’ aggressive egg donation program. Gemperle has been their largest donator of food for more than two decades.

“Many of our families and individuals live in areas considered food deserts where there are no full-service supermarkets within a mile of their homes. With the help of Gemperle Farms we have made a difference in our community. Everyone who comes to receive food from us is always appreciative,” Hatcher said.

Selfless giving was ingrained into every member of the Gemperle family from the time they were children. Gemperle Family Farms was first established in the 1950’s in the Central Valley of California by Swiss immigrants Annemarie and Ernie Gemperle. Their children now operate the farm and continue the legacy of community involvement and philanthropy.

“The Central Valley is our home and our community. It is important for us to practice sustainable stewardship of the land and to give back to the community,” explains Mike Gemperle, VP of Gemperle Farms.

Family members donate and are involved in many California based charitable boards and committees including: United Samaritans Foundation, Carnegie Art Center, CSUS Foundation, CSUS One Purpose Scholarship Program, Turlock Community Theatre, Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America, Stanislaus Community Foundation, Center for Community Solutions and Community College District Advisory Board.

About Gemperle Family Farms: Gemperle Family Farms has been producing eggs in the Central Valley of California for over 7 decades with a commitment to sustainable and humane farming practices. They practice sustainable and organic farming practices in their integrated orchard crops.  They produce all varieties of eggs such as whites, browns, organic, cage free and omega 3. All the eggs are produced without hormones and antibiotics – the natural way that eggs should be produced.  They believe in supplying eggs for a variety of consumer needs and budgets. For more information visit the Gemperle Farms Website.


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