GEFRAN, INC. Announces the Expansion of Its Manufacturing Capabilities in North America

Our executive offices and plant is located in Winchester MA. Gefran manufactures and services its fluid and fluid free sensors in Winchester, MA. We also have a service center located in Charlotte, NC. To assist our manufacturing team and to support our increased sales, we made an executive decision to invest in a laser welder. The capital equipment investment is in line with our future plans to assist and support the increase of the number of sensors sold and shipped therefore increasing the numbers of those employed in our manufacturing plant. The laser welder is expected to assist in increasing our projected number of sensors manufactured and shipped by 75% per year.” The laser welder’s capabilities are to improve the manufacturing and melt pressure sensors quality. Besides guaranteeing the deposit metal absence in the soldering process it allows the turning phase complete elimination. What does this mean for our customers purchasing Gefran sensor product? Our customers will have product with an increased lifetime and higher reliability. The advantages of the laser welder over traditional weldering process include the following: guarantees a diaphragm higher robustness, mechanical distortions are avoided by processing at a lower temperature, final product dimensions depend only on the raw materials quality, stress reduction due to a mechanical action on the material results in a higher tip robustness, manufacturing errors are reduced due to a new camera with 10 enlargements and pneumatic positioners providing a higher repeatability process and finally higher abrasion resistance fundamental when the sensor juts out inside the process due to a non correct hole. Gefran’s current manufacturing team is being trained on the Laser Welding equipment. In the last four years Gefran has been ahead of the curve developing and selling the IMPACT Sensor, a “Green” Technology to the plastic industry. The laser welder purchase is yet another asset that coincides with Gefran’s projected growth. Contact Information GEFRAN SALES at 781-729-5249; Toll Free at 1-888-888-4474 or send an email to [email protected]. About Gefran ( Gefran is a global manufacturer of Automation products specifically designed for the industrial and manufacturing industry. Gefran’s Automation Controls and Sensors are manufactured in Provaglio Italy and in Boston, MA. This includes the Impact Sensor a Mercury Free Fluid Free Sensor. All products sold in the US are supported in North America from the Boston, MA service center. Gefran is a global manufacturer of industrial controls, sensors, automation, and motor control products. Company information can be found at the Gefran website: Gefran Inc. 8 Lowell Avenue Winchester, MA 01890 t. 781-729-5249 f. 781-729-1468 [email protected] Press Office Fran Barbaro Tel. 1-781-782-6622 [email protected] ENDS