FutureLearn CTO to join e-Learning Start-up

[*MOOC – Massive Open Online Course]

Karas was hired by FutureLearn as Launch CTO at the beginning of 2013. Following a successful launch earlier this month, he has moved into an advisory role. FutureLearn has entered the market as the only significant non-US competitor to Coursera, edX and Udacity.

Communicado is the brainchild of another technologist, John Lutkin, a veteran of the telecommunications boom. The company will apply recent advances in agile games development to provide entertaining web and mobile language learning products to the education sector, and directly to learners of all ages.

Karas’s own company, Speech Engineering Ltd, is developing unique, real-time speech training technology for the Communicado platform.

Karas said, “The opportunity at Communicado is to exploit the latest in speech analysis tech and games production to make learning fun and compelling for language learners of all ages”.

A PDF of this release is available here.

Speech Engineering Ltd and Language Games Ltd (Communicado) are UK registered companies, based in Central London.

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