Fujitsu Partner with Arkessa to Deploy Connected Solutions to Global Retail Customers

Technology is transforming the Retail and the Hospitality space, making stores and staff more productive. Everyone benefits from a faster and more efficient service in a relaxed atmosphere and retailers are constantly striving to give their shoppers a positive experience in order to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market.

In the Retail ‘back-office’, efficiency is the connecting piece between customer experience and growth. This is what retailers are always striving to achieve through savings, productivity and loss reduction. Retailers have to work twice as hard in making sales if their campaigns and processes are inefficient or not consistently applied across all retail outlets and headquarters. Processes not only help the sales cycle but also drive cost out of the business.

A secure, resilient and international connectivity solution is key to delivering this consistency and Fujitsu are leading the way in providing Retail and IoT solutions enabled by their global connectivity partners.

Simon Rees, CTO, Networks and Telecoms at Fujitsu said, “Some of our Global key accounts have relied on us to support their locations spread across Europe with a combination of always active 3G and 4G mobile data connections to deliver network resilience to fixed line data links. We selected the Arkessa fully managed service to aggregate the network services of multiple mobile operators across Europe and underpin the Fujitsu delivery of enhanced ‘uptime’ for critical retail activities.”

Andrew Orrock, CEO Arkessa said, “Delays or interruptions in cloud connectivity mean that new locations cannot operate at full capacity or that retailers cannot take card payments. The statistics around this side of retail are pretty emphatic when 90% of sales still take place in physical stores and 73% of shoppers are frustrated by long queues. So the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction drivers are compelling and Arkessa is extremely pleased to partner with Fujitsu again to enable their ICT solutions for Retail and help Fujitsu’s customers to deliver a World Class customer experience.”

About Arkessa

Arkessa is a global M2M managed services provider making Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity easier and future-proof. Arkessa connects devices and services to the IoT, regardless of location, network operator or wireless technology.

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