Friends and Family Set Up Memorial Trust for Stockbroker Anjool Malde

To date, two initiatives have been selected to benefit from the Memorial Trust and it is anticipated that many more will benefit in the future.

UK Student Personality of the Year, in memory of Anjool Maldé

Firstly, the UK Student Personality of the Year award is being inaugurated at the 2010 Real World Awards, in memory of Anjool. In 2005, Anjool was awarded 2nd place in the UK Graduate of the Year category of the same awards.

A £2,000 prize will be awarded to the student who has made the greatest impact across student media, student societies and student nightlife during their university career. The judging criteria have been selected in memory of Anjool’s achievements.

While reading Geography at St Peter’s College, Oxford University, he wrote for student local and national newspapers, as well as joining BBC Oxford as a Radio Presenter & Journalist, where he interviewed celebrities such as Geri Halliwell, Pharrell Williams and world-famous beatboxing champion Killa Kela.

Anjool was also a member of 20 university societies where he took on several committee positions including joining the Standing Committee of The Oxford Union, the world’s most prestigious debating society and PR Officer of Oxford Entrepreneurs, Europe’s largest student enterprise society.

In 2006, soon after graduating, Anjool co-founded Alpha Parties where he organized hundreds of events for young professional graduates, interns and students in London.

Darius Norrell, CEO of Real World said: “We are proud to support this fantastic award in memory of Anjool. He made the most of his time at university and was a worthy prize winner. We look forward to receiving inspiring entries for this inaugural award.”

Entries are now open and the deadline for entries is 12th April 2010. For more information and to apply, see

The Anjool Maldé Prize for Student Journalism

Secondly, the Anjool Maldé Prize for Student Journalism at Oxford University is also being inaugurated in 2010, in conjunction with The Oxford Student and Cherwell newspapers. A £500 prize fund will be awarded to the top student journalists in the categories of Student Issues and Entertainment Reviews each year.

Entries are now open and the deadline for entries is 6th June 2010. For more information, please email [email protected].

Leading efforts setting up the Memorial Trust are close friends David Langer, Irra K and Ravi Chopra, alongside Anjool’s father, Bharat Maldé.

Bharat said: “In the short but memorable life Anjool led, he touched and inspired so many lives judging by the hundreds of messages of gratitude we continue to receive. This Trust and its first initiatives are a fitting embodiment of Anjool’s legacy of outlook, interests and aspirations and we hope it will help to launch the careers of the bright & talented in new and special ways. We know how proud Anjool would have felt with the efforts of his close friends setting up the Trust and with people who he would wish to help continuing to be supported by this wonderful initiative”.

To make a donation to the Anjool Maldé Memorial Trust, please visit

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Contact: David Langer, [email protected]