Free WiFi for the NHS – How WiFi SPARK Has Made This Happen

A technology fund (£1bn) is to be made available to improve patchy coverage in hospitals who already offer WiFi, as well as to convert current pay-to-use services to free-to-use in other hospitals.

There’s no official deadline in which free WiFi should be available throughout the NHS, however the government expects it to be “digital and paperless” by 2020.

WiFi SPARK’s offering

WiFi SPARK works with many hospitals to provide free WiFi, including Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Gloucester Hospitals NHS Trust, University College Hospitals London, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and more.

With the SPARK® Platform, the opportunity to layer free-to-use and pay-to-use services together is proving popular. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust opted for a free service, allowing basic Internet access, and a premium service which has the capacity to allow streaming of sites like Netflix or iPlayer.

WiFi SPARK’s solution offers many benefits to patients and visitors. University Hospital North Midlands Trust (UHNM) was Britain’s first NHS Trust to deploy WiFi SPARK’s innovative Patient Engagement Platform over the free WiFi service which puts the Trust on a whole new level.

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The Patient Engagement Platform is the first thing users see when connecting to the WiFi. It’s feature rich, offering help, fun and useful information which allows the Trust to engage directly with the patient and visitors, but more importantly the platform presents simple access to the Trust’s existing patient check in system, the existing wayfinding solution and soon more innovation with patient meal ordering.

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About WiFi SPARK

WiFi SPARK is in its 12th year of business and now provides patient WiFi through its SPARK® platform to more than 200 NHS locations across the UK. Owning the industry recognised software that integrates with all major vendors allows for continuous development, enabling the latest innovative features to be released as soon as possible. The WiFi SPARK Platform is highly scalable, customisable and offers a complete end-to-end solution incorporating filtering and 24/7 end user support.


Rebecca O’Donovan