Free Robot Combat Game Redefines How Kids Learn Computer Programming

Available online through Windows and Apple browsers, Code Warriors has evolved from the success of the studio’s previous coding game, Hakitzu Elite. Downloaded over 400,000 times and used in over 100 schools globally, its evolution to browser, inclusion of numerous new game modes, and real-time player feedback seem set to further boost its use as a modern learning tool, particularly given the focus on teaching computer science to students as part of the curriculum.

“At Kuato Studios, we firmly believe that learning to code is a hugely beneficial skill to learn from a young age,” said Mark Horneff, Managing Director. “It has been estimated that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million coding jobs yet only 400,000 graduates to fill those positions. Digital skills have truly become an economic imperative,” said Horneff, “and what better way to start building these skills than by capitalizing upon the engagement they have with computer games.”

Code Warriors tasks players with instructing their robot warriors through a series of missions using JavaScript, one of the Web’s most used languages. Placed in a futuristic combat arena, the goal is to crusade their warrior to the other side of the arena to defeat the opposing robot’s Power Core. In order to move, strike, and perform battle, the player must input increasingly sophisticated code. At the same time, the player learns how to write and debug their program, and sees how using the most efficient code is beneficial.

Designed for children ages 8-16, single player challenges, boot camps and online competitions with gaming friends allow them to rise quickly through the ranks. The benefits to learning by playing the games are huge and can be directly seen by parents and teachers with the introduction of a gameplay dashboard. Presented online and updated in real-time, the dashboard’s toolset allows users to monitor players’ progress on a variety of coding skillsets. Examples of these skillsets include algorithmic thinking, sequence and selection, and overall evaluation. These tools enable teachers to pinpoint specific areas in which students might be struggling, and then help them to address them. They also identify students who possess higher skillsets.

This past September, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City alone would be spending $81 million over the next ten years integrating computer programming into schools. Code Warriors is built to promote the skills needed by students, and enhances the learning of variables, functions and core construction of code.

Code Warriors is available to play for free at

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Kuato Studios is a learning company building fun and interactive products that inspire kids to learn the new skills of the future. Kuato Studios was founded in 2012 by the creators and investors behind Siri, to disrupt, innovate and lead the education market, and is working on integrating the latest cutting edge technology, like next generation conversation AI from SRI International, into a smart tutoring platform. Beginning in March 2013 with the release of Hakitzu, a game that teaches coding skills and problem solving, Kuato Studios has pioneered the next generation of educational video games. Through the recent release of Dino Tales and Safari Tales, Kuato Studios continues to be at the forefront of educational technology.


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